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  • 12 Ekim 2013, Cumartesi 10:44

Connecting to the Internet will serve in the

Connecting to the Internet will serve in the
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Although access to the Internet, watch YouTube videos

Google, Youtube mobile application, you will be able to watch it without an internet connection bazverileri said.

for mobile users, wireless phones, to save space inside the internet bazıverileri more sağlanamıyorken internet connection or in the time they can be a significant need to examine. However, verilerisağlayıcılar such as Youtube, without an internet connection, then the viewing of recorded content on the site phones because they did not want a violation of copyright law.

According to AllthingsD'nin

the case, YouTube In November, with the innovation will realize change. Users are comfortable and hassle-free connection to the internet, phones and even save YouTube videos to be economical moments, moments later the internet is more difficult to achieve, for example, an airplane or a train to go faster or in a rural area with no connection to playback these videos on the phone, the internet, without the need to enjoy your . Ads that have been added to the videos, the audience will watch online videos while monitoring it and watching videos on the phone again connected to the internet and the number of ads to be added to the system. Kaydedilenveriler, the internet connection is established be monitored for 48 hours. After 48 hours, the device connected to the Internet, the recorded data will block until a connection itself. If connected to the Internet, while the reset and start a new 48 hours.

Connecting to the Internet will serve in the" comments for.


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