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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:07

Constitutional Conference in Bursa

Constitutional Conference in Bursa
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Turgut Ozal University Faculty of Law, Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law Professor at the Faculty.

Bursa news: Turgut Ozal University Faculty of Law, Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law Professor at the Faculty. Dr.. Dawn Ali, said that the 1982 Constitution prejudiced.
Inegeul Business School 'in Turkey Constitutional Studies and Human Rights' was organized a conference on. Turgut Ozal University Faculty of Law, Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law Lecturer, Head of Department of Public Law. Dr.. Alien Dawn attended the conference as a speaker instructors and students listened.
Prof. Dr.. Ali Safak, Turkey in every field solved many issues that expression,"always static stand, which is maintain it is not the time. Home in our furniture, even occasionally in need of replacement we are. 'The human element to be replaced, at the point of innovation of what are called to live has become inevitable . the British colonial issues to make drastic changes are. Turkish society from 1876 to this side Constitutional texts and was faced. then 1921, 1924, 1961 and 1982 Constitutions came. Human flourishes. 5 years you wear shoes, 15 years old you wear do not. 15-year-old clothes, your 25 years old, you is not happening. Only bodies have not evolved, thought plan is developing. Society is developing. Dresses for us now does not fit. these developments if the solution is not found, the shoes is torn., legal arrangements are inevitable. Technologies is developing and changing every day is. us keep up with this need to"said.
"1982 CONSTITUTION prejudiced"
fundamental rights and freedoms from the 2000s, pointing out that many steps in the Dawn,"Turgut Özal period, starting in this change and development, 2000 from the year gained speed. Civil law, the Turkish Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, the Turkish Commercial Law, Law of Obligations has changed completely. these laws most of Germany, Switzerland taken from. they are the law's change had been years since but we still get the following, you get this call. 1,980 in from the Commissions established. Agenda of a kind in parliament did not pass. prepared in 2004, adopted in 2005 the Turkish Penal Code, our individual centered, no longer individual purpose, state vehicles with the logic of an edited text is . Sometimes you may falter, but never made you well if we are bad. 1982 constitution, five times to change the exposure, although a kind of 12 September 1980 the preconceived arrangement could not get rid"he said.
of the 1982 Constitution, the EU Constitution should be compared to note that attracting Dawn,"Constitutions of other laws, the basic premise that he's got it to do revision is necessary. 'But the 1982 constitution, rights are given' they say. Ammavelak the following, these reasons, these rights are restricted., that happens, this constitutional name among the people 'Amayas' happen. If a constitution to be prepared for our people need to respond to the constitution, the Constitution of 1924 is. that day war have dropped out, popularly elected parliament there. 1924 Constitution, a see human rights as containing provisions, the present constitution is much broader. This point of this society is detected it is necessary . everyone's minds red streaks. These lines of law principles and to what extent does this square? 'A consensus must consist say' but this consensus, majority opinion at the point should be. This consensus can not accept, 'stagnated starter' in a situation like we're falling. Society unfortunately is happening. Parliament this about an attack but found the attack failed. these Westerners escaped the attention does not. 'to enter the EU at a bakery bread to eat needed' in the form of reproach bulunuluyor.complete the transition to democracy to terms to reach excellence is not possible. majority have taken the decision the minority must comply. Percent face joins are not able to. middle way to find these folks a bottom of the pot together, as brothers side by side cherish is necessary,"he said.
"in the Constitution COMMENT ON ARTICLE should be reduced"
Ottoman society, the current Turkish society and comparing the Dawn Treader,"the Ottoman community today is very different from the nationalist and religious people have, but coexistence of past external intervention, except for a shortage did not happen. We citizenship name what should happen we are discussing. everyone from one side draws. an upper identity should be. Ideology of people today to be happy is not possible. European ideological government in the 60s had. they all repressive was. these ideological management at the end of their societies adventure took him. Why? Rules to identifed. then Europe, unlawful text to the forefront pulled. Constitutional studies blockages forming one of the concepts, nationality is the concept. We did this when discussing at the Üsküdar is going. Constitution in the preparation of which is important, is open to interpretation of the substances does not exceed more. Review Open substance abuse is very convenient. Presidential elections, 'Assembly 367 will be 284 Do you? ' he discussed. wasted time wasted. someone well, throwing stones at the people finally takes off. fact, we have spent. Peoples decided. most best decision public data anyway. intra-party democracy outweigh the stems. leader in Turkey and the environment than the words of do not go out. certain political parties know lawyers are.'m looking, hand and foot stands. doing is not political power of the bits that are expressed. constitution while so to speak skirt put our cards must"he said.
Resignation front of the receiving point alternate member of the not created the bids Dawn,"resigned instead below someone let it out. Otherwise deputy purchase begins. Ruling to resign forcing. Had they are. human rights intervention a single ingredient must be arranged. every agent intrusive rules now coming after. Instead of a single, 'Human rights is, these reasons may be restricted,"he detached a substance should be. has the world's longest constitution us. consists of over 170 agents. then draws by everyone,"he said.

Constitutional Conference in Bursa" comments for.


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