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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:10

Consul General of Georgia TTSO visiting Trabzon Mikadladsze

Consul General of Georgia TTSO visiting Trabzon Mikadladsze
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Consul General of Georgia Avtandil Mikadladsz to Trabzon , with Georgia in 2015, said he expected the introduction of visa-free transition between the EU administration .

Trabzon news: Photo of Georgia dismissed in previous years where the Consulate General of Trabzon Avtandil Mikadladsz reassigned to , visited Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry . Consul General met with President M. Suat Hacısalihoğlu Mikadladsz has stressed that the door was always open . Georgia is always in good relations with Turkey , in particular , said they aimed to ensure further development in commercial areas . Consul General Mikadladsz to , which paved the way for commercial cooperation in the region 3. Trabzon Silk Road Businessmen congratulated TTSO'nun for the Summit. Photo Trabzon President of the Chamber of Commerce m.suat Hacısalihoğlu, again congratulated Consul General Avtandil Mikaladze due to come to the old mission and continued success wished. Hacısalihoğlu, \"We feel welcoming him at all meetings . This is due to us from the trust had given in the previous period. Interlocking is constantly on the agenda with issues between the two countries bordering . Sarp Border Gate is very important in both countries. Has been a great influence on the development of the times relations. The Besides , it is obvious a lot of commercial cooperation between the two countries . we see different Georgia from ourselves . we feel Caucasus geography as a whole has for us, \"he said.
Georgia Turkey's political cooperation with the also pointed out that it is very important Hacısalihoğlu, Caucasus, a break so stating that a fault point , \"Caucasus is a region on which almost all of the big states . Caucasus has been countries with different expectations. and then it will continue. But the solidarity and unity of the countries in this region ,\"he said. Photo Hacısalihoğlu, in the interview for Georgia's accession to the EU in particular that there are 4 stages of the visa application , noting that it's first three stages of the transition , and point to the fourth stage , \"Georgia EU in 2015 will begin the visa-free transit application. Therefore, be prepared for a new visa application. Immigration and visa laws will be implemented in this process united . We endeavor to influence the development of transition , however, the border between Georgia and Turkey. I would say that especially affected the tourists . But commercial and I think that there is a re practice in residency visa , \"he said . In the end of the Photo conversation especially in the summer emphasized that overcrowding in the Sarp border gate , sea routes have been asked to cooperate on the evaluation of Trabzon and Batumi between ferry connection with transport. This study subjects were transferred to both sides engaging in negotiations to do it again.


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