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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:23

Consumer Ordulu Most complainant from Banks

Consumer Ordulu Most complainant from Banks
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Ordu Trade Manager and Provincial Consumer Trustees Chair Ezra Sharp, the first 10 months of the year in the Army , 49 thousand 344 consumer , had complained to the Consumer arbitral tribunal , said it was related to bank 95 percent of complaints.

Ordu news: Beginning in November 2014 with the Army in Photo 49 thousand 344 consumers complained . Some 30 thousand 355 complaints filed in the county with the most applicants were gold, came from Ünye and Fatsa. The army , the Provincial Directorate of Commerce and Consumer arbitral tribunal on the basis of the district with the most complaints Altınordu 16 thousand petitions received in the first place . Unye Golden Horde was followed by 10 thousand 290 consumer complaints . If the number of complaints from Fatsa first 10 months of the year was determined as 4 thousand 65 . Other 17 counties from which the arbitral tribunal Consumer complaint was the number of the army of 18 thousand 969 petition . 50 percent of complaints resolved, and announced decisions were adjudicated by the manufacturer in favor of a large part .
\" percent of complaints 95 < strong> IR BANKING FIELD \"Photo City Commercial Manager and Head of Delegation of the Provincial consumer Üzeyir sharp, of the Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection entered into force on 28 May 2014 and noted that the important rights to consumers. Complaints in the first 10 months of 2014, 49 thousand 324 reaches emphasizing that sharp, \"95 percent of the complaints of consumers'credit use by banks filing fee , commission, for the return of the money received under names such as intelligence fee. In After the Bank most complaints electronically and through the door made ​​the distance sales as a result of bulunuluyor complaint. Look we resulting in 95 percent of complaints consumers have resulted in favor of , \"he said . sharp Referring to Photo referenced complaint , \"consumer Arbitration Committee to demand too much. the result of a petition while 6 months under normal circumstances , when there are more density 1 year to find.complaints results immediately is less demand for some of our county . But the demand is more than made up in our great county is slow things down , \"he said .

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