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  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 17:00

Continue to Kayseri Promotion

Continue to Kayseri Promotion
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For the promotion of the province of Kayseri Governor's Office began after his studies , this time under the German tourism domestic tourism came to the city for 3 days .

Kayseri news: The industry's leading companies , consisting of representatives of tourism delegation , the Governor issued by \"Kayseri Walking Routes and Tourism Discovery Guide \"in the direction of spot inspections make , orally and in writing of Kayseri promotion will contribute .
Governor Orhan properly , tourism journalists, tour operators and TÜRSAB delegation consisting of representatives met for breakfast on the first day of the program . Stone houses and underground cities , famous civilizations home made ​​Talas in the tourism welcomes Governor smooth, tour operators , travel agents , operators and industry writers consisting of delegation has been closely involved .
Guests , \"You in Kayseri to see a great satisfaction heard \"by expressing began his speech the Governor smooth, Kayseri in terms of tourism development that deserves a city , he said .
\"Info Tour \"program Kayseri will visit guests , 3 days at the end of Kayseri's tourism potential over the obvious , this the right to submit that believes strongly noted that the Governor smooth, Kayseri in terms of tourism development for the development Agency , District , municipalities and non-governmental organizations and works closely said they were .
tourism values ​​and promotion of cultural heritage is extremely important pointed out that Governor Smooth, \"Talas, Kayseri, starting from different regions of the natural and cultural heritage will endeavor to show you . Our friends from the Culture and Tourism Directorate in this regard will be guided by you . In addition, our district governors and mayors in the towns as much as possible will accompany you . In Kayseri during your stay productive and would like to spend a nice time . Because of how good memories here, if you leave these memories so nicely in writing , word will be poured , \"he said .
Kayseri's actually a very rich history that it has , in which they studied the history of the mansion also it is a good example indicating that the Governor smooth, cultural Heritage and Museums General Director , while the host for the restoration period with the mayor of a busy working they spent explaining , he continued:
\"like this date our structures by restoring the numbers increase rapidly and our cultural tourism provide the service you need . There are studies in this direction . Municipality to gain our lives by our culture, it is a beautiful example of Kayseri District . Saipan in Talas Ali Pasha Street was offered to the cultural tourism . From your program today Talas . Bulbous , Kapuzbaşı Falls , Sultansazligi National Park, Aladaglar, Erciyes and Incesu Stream in the caravanserai, especially many cultural assets and natural beauty spot'll see . \"
Deputy Governor Jasmine Özata Cetinkaya, Talas Mayor Mustafa Palancıoğlu , Provincial Culture and Tourism Manager Ismet Taymuş Central Anatolia Development Agency ( RATE ) Secretary General Fatih Gavgac with TÜRSAB Erciyes Executive Director Fatih Özköse attended by breakfast in the rest of the Governor smooth, tourism and Kayseri tourism related chatted.
Kayseri Governor's Office under the leadership of the city invited in the field and experienced more than 20 representatives of the sector info-tour covered for 3 days, the city's historic and tourist areas in place to see . Kayseri Walking Routes and Tourism Discovery Guide preparers Ersin Demirel and scored Contact Dwarf delegations detailed information are giving publicity to do .

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