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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 11:17

Continues to Help Kobanili

Continues to Help Kobanili
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Who settled in the town of Sanliurfa Suruç Kobanil for guests Şanlıurfa Mayor Celalettin Güvenç help with initiatives are ongoing.

Şanlıurfa news: Finally, on the initiative of President
Guvench Istanbul Red Crescent branch in the region is conveyed by the biscuits and 50 tons of milk , the Religious Foundation Suruç 10 thousand blankets were delivered to the District . Help the Cukobirlik created in warehouses Upon receipt Mayor Celalettin Güvenç Municipality belonging to Suleyman Shah Park was established in temporary shelter in the biscuits, milk and blankets Kobanil our brothers are distributed. Kobanil guests chatted with President Celalettin Güvenç Mufti Ihsan open and Red Crescent representatives also accompanied him.
Aid during deployment president spoke Guvench , \"in a short time 168 thousand as people here have emigrated . Around you can see , 3 years old boy 6-month 5 month old baby's . 70-80 years of age there are people . them within 2-3 days without sleeping berths , quilts in a way our city shelter , \"he said .
state and public sacrifices with difficulties minimized attempted stated that the President Güvenç \"We underline the telling . world's no economy , no strong city under this burden stand up would . But our people sacrifice , patience , kadirşinaslıg , with our government , our government , civil society organizations a powerful reflex and tribulations minimize're trying to minimize're trying to ,\"he said .
24 hours based on the work of the Metropolitan Municipality stated that the President Guvench , \"September 19 from noon all the teams working 24-hour basis . Şanlıurfa Municipality of around 120 staff working here . Our tool works on 40 . AFAD all the power of our administration of the provinces gathered here. Our County Council are supporting , are supporting the Red Crescent , the County is trying to conduct business with their crisis desk and all over Turkey, like you said . From here, our gratitude and our gratitude . Benevolent delivers up to help by calling us . Today, we are currently kampımızd Suleyman Shah temporarily . Department of Religious Affairs has sent 10 thousand pieces of blanket Mufti're dealing with our residents . İlhami also Chairman of the Red Crescent Lightning Bey Istanbul called me yesterday . They also sent two truckloads of milk brought him here , \"he said .


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