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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 19:25

Contractors in Round Head for Urban Transformation

Contractors in Round Head for Urban Transformation
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Contractors Federation ( MÜFED ) sector and the problems of urban transformation in order to lay the table continues to visit district mayors realized .

İzmir news: Photo Contractors Federation President performing visit to three districts under the leadership of Najib Nasser Karabakh Mayor Muhittin Selvitop , Balçova Mayor Mehmet Ali Çalkaya and Fountain Mayor Muhittin met with divers MÜFED members, particularly urban regeneration, about editing out the new land produced failure and building expressed the problem. Photo Izmir in 12 districts of Contractors and Businessmen's Association , which stated that a visit with President Najib Nasser , thanks to an alliance formed by the objectives stressed that more rapid and rational solutions to create moving to a corporate structure . Indicating that 85 percent of İzmir's urban transformation should be renewed Nasser , \"The transformation must be qualified , must respond to the expectations of society , social structures and buildings that are compatible with the environment should be built ,\"he said . Najib Nasser , adding a county , do the people who know best added that local authorities need to take action on this issue. Do not make a new one instead of destroying Photo old buildings, will only increase the resistance to earthquakes , but that it will turn the city into a concrete jungle Najib Nasser , \"Our our aim is not to make the slum transformation . we want to leave a Izmir more livable for us the next generation. in particular, we need to transform the city center. we gather under the 12 roof districts from contractors and businessmen association presidents MÜFED in Izmir. in Izmir contractors, we want to play an active role in urban regeneration \"he said. Photo Najib Nasser , the country to determine the boundaries of the contracting profession associations have established the general and sector of the definition of the law concerning the conduct of Environment and the Ministry of Urbanism , Turkey near Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of the law will come with the work done by the Association of time to be submitted to parliament he said about the end is reached. Photo Balçova Mayor Mehmet Ali Çalkaya emphasized that all stakeholders should be made of a common planning can benefit from structure , he said a big responsibility Izmir contractors because they know best the region. Mehmet Ali Izmir Çalkaya human resources required of contractors doing business both in terms of power , he said should take part in urban regeneration ; thus noted that she will be in İzmir İzmir katmadeğer . Photo Together movement that it's always create a synergy that expresses Fountain Mayor for Muhittin on behalf of industry Submersible Contractors Federation is a very important institution , he said. Photo divers , each behind the municipality permanent works and collaborate to benefit from the experience of Izmir contractors stressing the need to leave projects want to be added . Noting that the
construction sector is one of the most important sectors in Turkey Karabakh Mayor Muhittin Selvitop , importance müfed in terms of being an umbrella organization voiced move . Selvitop of the district local governments to make it more livable and pointed out that as a responsibility to produce new land , they carry out the planning needed on this issue and stated that they would provide the necessary amenities to industry representatives .

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