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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 11:12

Control of Exhaust Gas Metering Station in Gaziantep

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M. Gaziantep Provincial Director of Environment and Urbanization

M. Gaziantep Provincial Director of Environment and Urbanization ERPOLAT ancestors with the instructions that the measurement of the exhaust gases of motor vehicles authorized audit was performed at the stations.
Environment and Urban Planning from the Ministry said in a statement, Gaziantep Environment and Urbanization by the Provincial Directorate for motor vehicles intensive exhaust control some of the vehicle exhaust stamp, although the exhaust gases from the disturbance was determined to be stating that,"These findings on the Provincial Directorate by the exhaust emission measurements have been authorized stations measurement process standards whether or not as to whether the conducting audits was decided in the controls civilian instruments alma measurement stations measure without or measure having negative results means stamp regulated and whether the dual-fuel vehicles in each of the two fuels also be measured not been observed"the statement said.
in the audits 1 official measuring station means any measuring the emission sticker is given a second station two fuel vehicles, one for the type of fuel in the measurement was made, other types of fuels for making measurements from the emission sticker is regulated as determined highlighted statement said:
"Proceedings detecting taken under these defects as a result 04.04.2009 dated and 27190 numbered Official Gazette Exhaust Gas Emission Regulations under the provisions of two pieces of the station stamp and license confiscated has been, certificates for cancellation has been initiated. revocation process as a result of the business activities of the first year will be suspended. Gaziantep authorized exhaust emission measurement stations control will be continued and authorized personnel operate the measuring tool calibration to be performed regularly, the measurement making or negative measurement results for the postage regulating stations barriers, ensuring Gaziantep exhaust minimization of emissions to air from pollution issues will persevere."

Control of Exhaust Gas Metering Station in Gaziantep" comments for.


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