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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:15

Control of the apple from the Gendarmerie School Service Tools

Control of the apple from the Gendarmerie School Service Tools
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Antalya traffic apple District Gendarmerie Command teams 2014-2015 and continuing their education system and the students bussed in vans bearing the school year audit service .

Antalya news: Photo bussing system with student transportation service that is making the van who practice in front of the school as for traffic time teams, checking their papers to be included in the drive , the necessary technical equipment and do not have the safety precautions motorists with 2918 highways due to the traffic laws applied to criminal proceedings , on the subject drivers were informed . during the application made ​​by Photo Traffic teams , especially in the shuttle van was checked by the school counselor is present. Controls whether the civilian people in the car , also facing teams that more students moved there as well , especially if the car's rear section is written by the school moved phrase , it checks if the vehicle glass and windows to be opened locked status automatically for driver and vehicle's door. Also in Control , vehicle maintenance and repair tracking form, a special permit , fire extinguishers , medical bags , seat belts, driver's license authorized , checked that there is a vocational qualification .

Control of the apple from the Gendarmerie School Service Tools" comments for.


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