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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:38

Control of the Police Radar Speed

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City Police Department , fatal and injury in road traffic accidents occurred in Samsun announced that the structures of radar speed control.

Samsun news: In a statement from the Photo Samsun Police Department, \"the Ministry of Interior of our'Road Traffic Safety Strategy Action Plan and work to be undertaken by the Police Headquarters by'the circulars , the result of a traffic accident in 2020, aims to reduce 50 percent of deaths. Last years in the analysis of traffic accidents , fatal and injury accidents on the cause of the speed violations sourced traffic rule, there have been areas where the mobile radar warning signs and continue in the team but in the regions that have these signs and traffic team , including speed , especially their driver in violation of several traffic rules, accidents why is understood that . Therefore, in order to drive to create the capture perceptions and to improve all road habit of obeying the traffic rules, notably the speed violation on the route and the level of obeying traffic rules, which is used to inform drivers of radar speed control'mobile radar warning signs of'the end is given to the application. In this context, a significant portion of our province-induced rate of traffic accidents , off-road and watched over or in front or shock that occurs in the form of a stationary vehicle ; in order to be able to travel in our citizens peace and security in our highways , our city is radar speed checks carried out on a 24 hour basis in general , 80 percent of the portion of the speed control , urban traffic and roads , at night and without turning the team event day course, and 20 per cent the long section is done with fixed and turning the team . In our city, occurred the fatal and injury traffic accidents Samsun-Ankara , Army, Atatürk Boulevard Sinop state highways , Korhan Ekiz Boulevard, Anadolu Boulevard , Ismet Inonu Boulevard, Abdullah Gul Avenue, Recep Tayyip Erdogan Boulevard , Ilkadim Boulevard, Peace Boulevard and 100th Anniversary Boulevard street and other radar speed control is done on the street , especially \"the statement said .

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