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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:31

Cooperative Entrepreneurship Training was given in Nevsehir

Cooperative Entrepreneurship Training was given in Nevsehir
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General Directorate of Customs and Trade Minister German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Confederation of Cooperatives ( DGTV ) Representation of Turkey on cooperation'Cooperative Entrepreneurship Training Programme'was held.

Nevşehir news: Photo Cappadocia Dedeman Hotel organized and 2-day to the educational program opening ceremony Nevsehir Deputy Governor Ahmet Soley , DGRV Turkey Representative İfakat Gurkan, Customs and Trade Ministry of Cooperatives Directorate General for Branch Managers , Nevsehir Food, Agriculture and Livestock Provincial Director Okan Yilmaz, Provincial Trade Deputy Director Tuncer Başbozkurt , trade associations, civil society participated in organizations and cooperative representatives. Photo speaking here Nevsehir Commerce Deputy Provincial Director Tuncer Başbozkurt , cooperative institutional capacity to increase in order to place a quality management approach cooperative Development and Compliance Training Program of Education said implementation . Photo Başbozkurt High Planning Board approved by Turkey \"cooperative Strategy and Action Plan\"in Customs and Trade cooperatives related to cooperative with the Ministry's responsibility to organizations and Operating a related business and operations to perform qualification to have professionals in educating the management of co-operatives aimed at positioning the professional understanding Cooperative Development and Compliance Training Program ( COOP-GEP ) is prepared and that the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning General Directorate approved and Non-Formal Education Programs section in the \"Programs and FOET Codes\"under \"Accounting and Finance \"in the publication , the country is beginning to implement the general noted . in cooperative with cooperative partners from
said program managers , supervisors or staff have worked as or who want to work and at least primary school level expressing that they would benefit those who have completed the training Başbozkurt:\"they are those who want to participate in these programs, which will strengthen the institutional capacity of the cooperative province or the Adult Education Centres in the districts are required to apply in person . For the opening of the said program of at least 12 (twelve) of the application is required, participants in the training of urgently starting point forwarding requests to the Public Education Center together after providing this number will be useful. Training programs are within the scope of the said People's Cooperative Training Centers or can be submitted in the appropriate places may be given to show the parent organizations . Located at the end of the program will be measured by examination attendance information obtained during the training and certification to those who succeed Ministry of Education ( Course Completion Certificate ) will be given . In this context, cooperatives institutionalized the requirement that pose KOOP-GEP training efficient implementation to be useful, is considered the start of training under the program of demands after providing a sufficient number of participants together relevant institution forward , \"he said . To the participants after the speech at the Photo Training program Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur Difficulties of Being , Preparation of Business Plan and Start a Business , cooperatives in the world and Turkey, Cooperative Definition, examples were given training on topics such as successful cooperatives .

Cooperative Entrepreneurship Training was given in Nevsehir" comments for.


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