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  • 30 Aralık 2013, Pazartesi 11:47

COPD are 3 Cause of Death Worldwide Values

COPD are 3 Cause of Death Worldwide Values
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Eighteen March Çanakkale University School of Medicine, Department of Chest Diseases, Faculty Professor.

Çanakkale news: Eighteen March Çanakkale University School of Medicine, Department of Chest Diseases, Faculty Professor. Dr.. Mirici desire COPD # 3 causes of death worldwide Ranked said.
World Health Organization, COPD care about stating Mirici,"The cause of death between the first heart and vascular diseases, there are 2 in cancer and # 3 have COPD. fact, COPD, cancer, head to head going I'd say. scary thing only cause of death is not, COPD is a chronic disease and people caught 20 or more years with this disease live. During this period, COPD, health spending increases, loss of manpower is causing the quality of life is disturbing,"he said.
Mirici,"a smoker for about 5 years enjoy cigarettes contain. then one morning when you wake up coughing and sputum production would realize that. But the process that develops slowly, the person that abnormalities will not notice, think that life is like, people of a certain age As cough and sputum production are. fact sputum and coughing in any case, is not normal. Bodybuilding reflex control mechanism, protection mechanism and disease recalls. Slowly slowly because people of this situation the doctor should be consulted is a condition that does not understand. intervening 15 years passed shortness of breath starts to notice. At this point, cough and sputum production going all day long, a situation that has become, and sometimes even out of bed coughing now with shortness of breath are united. Meanwhile, people are dated. Suppose that 45 years climbing stairs person's breath may be reduced, but this is not a normal situation is , people actually are sick. Construction workers and miners all kinds dusty, smoky environment to work in those with COPD is a candidate. For this reason, working in this manner in the breathing needs to be measured. employee early protective measures as needed to be said. most simple measures mask to work with. other method, aqueous is to work. So from the ground to avoid dust rise places, or areas where they work soaking is to work. attention to this point if it is both the environment and air pollution, as well as diseases take steps to have,"he said.
to quit cigarette smoking do physicians get the help you need attention Mirici,"to quit smoking several key there is a point, nicotine addicts Are you, are not you? If you are addicted to nicotine if you're not smoking yourself, do not it is possible not miss this opportunity and please stop smoking. But addicted to nicotine if you are doing here into an area of ​​expertise is entering. At this point, expert assistance, you can get a unit quit smoking should. But we should not expect a magic wand or a drug help you one day smoking bıraktıramaz for. At this point, commercial production, sold, advertised various pills, herbs, electronic cigarettes, bands such scientifically unproven methods about anything not say. Consequently damages We do not know, the benefits as well. people's lungs or any other organ of a water pipe as washed durulana not. course of time the organs of our losses in us is working. certain diseases in us functioning of this loss cleaned to and walk away while it is possible, in certain diseases, especially for cancer to do so seems almost impossible. One reason to smoke ever begin to too much work is being done. because the age of starting smoking up to 11 landed., we still smoked, not those will begin new ones to protect needs. How height we is prolonged, a person's breathing capacity as well, lungs as well as from birth until age 25 is expanding. Whatever we do, I'm 25 years old when we came lung aging process enters. But in lungs hurt if we do not, our lungs 120 years to make us comfortable breathing can offer. If a people 16 years old start smoking if the age of 25 will continue until the lungs stop the development consent and an adult individual should reach the lung capacity of 3/4 of what you can reach. For this reason, at an early age of smoking such as murder is something I think,"he said.

COPD are 3 Cause of Death Worldwide Values" comments for.


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