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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 14:05

Copenhagen club to complain to the Board of Equality

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Galatasaray in the Champions League in the same group with the Danish club FC Copenhagen is complaining to the Board of the Equality names not sell tickets.

Cihan'a Attorney Hassan Mahmood special in the comments, but he did not receive a ticket for the Champions League matches for the Danish club FC Copenhagen tickets be canceled on non-discrimination in their names, he said. Mahmoud, said:

"People just can not be considered to be subjected to discrimination because of their names. FC Copenhagen management application, was the latest example of this kind of behavior. Equality Board şikayetimizi do tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. Purpose not receive compensation. Assembly şikayetimizi accept and justify us, if found, will not be subject to discrimination because of the name of someone in Denmark. Such an application by a decision of principle, the direct jurisdiction apply to the assets of the Board of Equality."

Attorney Hassan Mahmood , unlike some of the reports did not give equality to the Board stated that no complaint petition, said that currently collects complaints from him.

Cihan'a Equality Council said in a statement from someone not reached them yet said complaint. That the complaint has been expressed so far on the subject 4. Duration of 14 days for the evaluation of the Board and that the complaints after reviewing them into consideration in deciding alınmayacağına said. Equality Committee, 'began to examine complaints and be given a heavier penalty hut' unreal news is announced.

Equality Council in Denmark, gender, race, religion and decides to evaluate complaints by victims of discrimination because of the view. Not undertake the task of moving the court has the right to judge if the parties involved in the decision of the board. Complaints made to the rule in 2 weeks and 9 months of being on the agenda is decided.

Copenhagen club to complain to the Board of Equality" comments for.


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