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  • 18 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 10:55

"Corn Syrup Liver is Yağlandırıy"

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Sweet and fruit ingredients found in the waters of fructose leads to fatty liver were noted.

Isparta news: Sweet and fruit ingredients found in the waters of fructose leads to fatty liver were noted.
Suleyman Demirel University (SDU) Department of Histology and Embryology, Faculty of Medicine Research Assistant Özgöçmen breeze, Professor. Dr.. In his research under the supervision of Meral Pioneers, who were to desserts and 'corn syrup' is known as fructose causes fatty liver was determined.
Research provides information about the Özgöçmen,"We as the partition hepatic steatosis were looking at. liver steatosis alcohol independently developing. alcohol independently of fructose, called popularly corn syrup known as baklava, fruits juices, honey, molasses much of the material in the liver lubrication is being caused explored. Mice on the work we do. Experimental mice for 6 weeks oral fructose have applied. Waters to the fructose scrambled. six-week control group, the rats of normal water have given. Six weeks later, fructose given rat liver tissue when we examine the lubrication occurs saw. liver steatosis to fructose-induced emerged. Biochemical analysis fructose rats given AST rates more was observed. Finally corn syrup in vivo alcohol independently hepatic steatosis create concluded that,"he said.
"BE CAREFUL if LIVER finishes"
fatty liver of more obesity developed in parallel is a disease attention Özgöçmen,"waist and abdominal area, which is thicker in people lubrication is viewed more. TYPE-2 such as diabetes, obesity-related disease is Type-2 diabetes with a parallel disease. liver steatosis as simple as it began, liver bankrupt cirrhosis concluded by Can. More so simple disease but it looks like the case of persisting liver Can it stop,"he said.
liver steatosis in society often seen is a disease note that attracting Özgöçmen, he continued as follows:
"from year to year an increasing trend because there are readily available nowadays food consumption has increased. children consume too much as juices, fake honey, molasses and desserts too much consumption of fatty liver in the cause of the increase can be considered. Such food body excessively stores. This lubrication is causing. consume dessert we group the majority of fructose have. liver steatosis, Type-2 diabetes in parallel with the abdominal region at obesity If this person can be detected. More so diet for treatment there. Fructose content be consumed less fatty foods and doing sports is possible to reduce the index."

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