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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 10:30

( Correction) as Adana Comedy Film Market Robbery

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2 people Adana masked pistol and shotgun realized that robbery was not called comedy .

Adana news: Before the door, and afterwards could not open the safe armed and masked men continued to shop as if nothing had two people trying to do the robbery. According to
information obtained, events , centers of the Seyhan district Honor Quarter occurred on Şakirpaşa Street. Allegedly, Orhan Y. ( 27 ), Anwar A. (18), TK (17) and GK (15) , hdp'n said, \"Take the street\"benefiting from incidents occurring during the call made ​​plans to rob a convenience store located in the neighborhood. GK, Anwar A. and TK as a motorcycle came to Şakirpaşa Street . Streets closing suspects pending their faces with ski masks , one hand on the gun slowly began to come into the store with the other taking the shotgun . On the way , although dozens of people suspected before slowly until the middle of the street , then came before the running store.
< Strong> WRONG DOOR they try to open Photo suspects are coming to market, motorcycle parked a person in front of the store got out of the car. Meanwhile suspects headed to the customer exit door but could not come because they can not catch up to the door after exiting customers. Thereupon pump shotgun he wanted to open the door doğrultup includes the right rifle party officials fled the market , but by opening the door inward . Meanwhile, he continued to customers who make purchases in stores. The suspects could not open the door , this time headed for the door entry but here also appeared to take a long time to go back from where they enter the chassis. Motorcycle ride on the motorcycle fled after watching all those individuals who are at this time. Meanwhile, shoppers at the grocery store 2 door exits came in one of the accused , the other is at the door and waited. Photo shoppers husband and wife armed robbers on I did not mind , who walks with a Photo Pistol face snow masked , he moved immediately safe. Suspect wanted to get money to open a safe but unable to open any safe . Meanwhile, began to make a husband and wife shopping in front of the robber entering the market. Snow masked hand gun parties continued to exchange a safe enclosure Despite this he went to a pair of robbers as if nothing had happened . Remove and place on lap one of the robbers take the case out with friends fled from the store can not open . 2 people also came to the chassis shoppers continue to pay the money they received in the exchange as if nothing happened . This was viewed by moments each second security camera. Photo POLICE 2 suspects IMAGE from detecting and Catches Photo Adana Security Directorate Public Security Branch Office due to Gaspar Bureau teams, the suspects realized the store robbery Watching these images determined the identity. GK in dawn raids on the homes of suspects Orhan Y. caught . The suspects were referred to court after interrogation . G. K. being sent to prison , he was released pending trial Orhan Y. scope Probation Act.

( Correction) as Adana Comedy Film Market Robbery" comments for.


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