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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 17:04

Corum has Tso Identify Strategic Plan

Corum has Tso Identify Strategic Plan
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Çorum Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ÇTSO) workshop was organized by the Assembly.

Çorum news: Çorum Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ÇTSO) workshop was organized by the Assembly.
at a workshop organized in the district of Izmir, Cesme Corum was the TSO's 4-year strategic plan. TOBB ETU SEM E go to Dani. Rise Vardar moderated the workshop held at the council members, five separate groups tso's strengths and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages of the business world and for Corum expectations and recommendations laid on the table.
Day long, the group obtained in the data, Dr. . Increased by Vardar report will be prepared using scientific methods. This report Corum tso's four-year strategic plan will form.
TSO Parliamentary Chairman Erol Karadaş a broad participation and a workshop, the council members' opinions and suggestions, academics, created with the support to common wisdom, room and board to work a significant basis, he said.
Workshop different thoughts and ideas in a pool combined four-year period rooms bodies roadmap aimed to stating Erol Karadaş,"This road map and our board of directors, our province's growth and development to be done to make the sleeves rolled up and the same also our province in the development played an active role of other agencies in mobilizing an important knowledge will be provided. this sense the workshop we are of great importance,"he said.
Karadaş,"Occupation and industry demands and proposals on the agenda in order to bring a colleague of votes they received, chosen by Trade and Chamber of Industry forming, we, upon our responsibility awareness of the business world, the well Corum for our province all the information and know-how, our experiences during this workshop will combine. Firstly we get from experience with the latter held workshops, the hope that the important ideas will occur and these ideas later work, activities the project will be turned into. to be determined, of the roadmap in a measurable way to implement should be noted that,"he said.
İzmir Governor Mustafa Toprak JOINED
Workshop Corum former governor, İzmir Governor Mustafa Toprak and Deputy Governor Hussein Internal attended the event.
İzmir Governor Mustafa Toprak, Corum people appreciative having a structure stating that"Corum After serving in Diyarbakir, whether it be in Izmir're day goes by Corum friends in one of our visits we not take . diagnosis we recognize, our brothers and sisters, fellow countryman Our us here visiting. course, this Corum people kadirşinaslıg shows"he said.
Corum required sense of urban planning in the layout and order of the society as in the structure of strong bonds, Corum After leaving the much more realize that expresses Mustafa Toprak,"Corum, industry and products, and economy is also an important of our city. business world as forebears you all kinds of difficulties braving your way would continue. Employment do you ensure production are doing, so Corum our province, our country is developing. worship in the provision are doing things. I wish all of you the road to be open,"he said.

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