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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 17:52

Corum Müsiad Rumi Bekiroğlu Branch President ;

Corum Müsiad Rumi Bekiroğlu Branch President ;
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Independent Industrialists'and Businessmen's Association ( MUSIAD) Corum Branch President Bekiroğlu Rumi , Turkey to work for , to imagine , and we will continue to work for the realization of our dreams, \"he said.

Çorum news: Independent Industrialists'and Businessmen's Association ( MUSIAD) Corum Branch Chairman Rumi Bekiroglu, Turkey to work for , to dream and our dreams for the realization of work will continue, \"he said.
MÜSIAD 's 24 th anniversary message publishes Av. Rumi Bekiroğlu , 5 May 1990, established in MÜSİAD'dan the 24th anniversary celebration feel proud of what they said.
last time so many political , social and economic events, personal experience, witnessed voicing Bekiroglu, \"Everything about what , convictions us expression, we have shown stance . What we do , what we say , we believe we have demonstrated the value of our money . Since our establishment , our country , our nation deserve to have stated that better . Our targets , we dreamed , we investigated , we have investigated and recorded aldık.temsil çalıştık.ülke to merit our values ​​and our nation is worthy of better thinking , we forced ourselves . International events were held . Above our responsibility not only to the need to remain within the borders of our country with our belief that , as followers of the prophet merchant and his awareness with his morality , with ahlaklan principle , we have opened our doors to traders around the world . Together we have attained great work . We extend our hands in 55 countries amicable provision , agents crowned . Believed 12 businessmen was founded by MÜSIAD , today our country seven thousand five hundred members , with a large family has been reached , \"he said .
MÜSIAD 's done so far to what the future they could do the guarantee can expose an institution that expressed Bekiroglu, \"to work for a better and prosperous Turkey , to dream and to realize our dreams , for example Wishing to be businessmen will continue our efforts . Nice to come next year , the excitement and enthusiasm to achieve and wish to apperceive , MÜSIAD I offer my greetings to our members and respect , \"he said .

Corum Müsiad Rumi Bekiroğlu Branch President ;" comments for.


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