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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 01:16

Council of Ministers Meeting

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Deputy Prime Minister and Government Spokesman, Bulent Arinc, \"Internal Security Reform was finished working on , a decision was made to send the package to parliament ,\"he said .

Ankara news: Photo of Ministers , chaired by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu Board meeting ended . Deputy Prime Minister after the meeting and Government Spokesman Arinc, spoke to reporters . Photo Arinc , expressed mining accident that the then appeared to be a need for new regulations, \"These were discussed in detail. Some of the regulations is published in the Official Gazette, but within the legal framework today the issues raised was agreed by almost fulfilled consensus. our Minister of Labour and Social Security is about the size of the job. I must say that it is also about our Minister of Energy and Natural Resources with a different size. its also arrangements in coordination established following the arrival in Ankara to be passed expeditiously life and now not experienced this kind of mining accidents in Turkey , coming to the maximum point of the job security and all risks that need to work to eliminate , Ministers agreed on the Board , \"he said.
< strong> PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA ABOUT BILL Photo Meeting of the Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ Arinc that provide information about the Draft Law on the Protection of Personal Data , \"This is essentially a matter of discussion since past. European Union (EU ) also to establish a mechanism to privacy and protection of personal data in the process it was a duty imposed upon us in the EU acquis . Updated in the past years to do the design work , today was presented to the Council of Ministers by the Minister of Foreign Affairs , he agreed , was opened for signature , \"he said . Photo Arinc, the Law on the Protection of Personal Data has announced that it will be issued within this legislative period. < Br/> INTERNAL SECURITY PACKAGE Photo Homeland Security Reform explaining that the completion of work on the Arinc, opened for signature discussed today at the meeting and said he received a decision be sent to the Parliament. Arinc, issues about 4 in the Board bill of Ministers declaring that discussed their \"Police Duties and Selayet's Law, the amendments to the bill on some other laws , changes made ​​to the bill on the decree on the basis of law with the Police Force Act, Population Services with some legal provision in the draft law amending the decree Gendarmerie , the Task and Powers of the law with some legislative changes made ​​to the bill on in , \"he said. Stating that by
Prime Minister to Parliament decided that sent a missive Arinc,\"the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK ) , the EU's Central Africa and Mali also practiced by our prime minister regarding the operation and scope of missions sending troops abroad was a demand. Will be evaluated in Parliament that it was time , \"he said .
EU MEMBERSHIP PROCESS Photo Arinc, said that they discussed the second phase covering the period 2015-2019 years of national action plans. From food security in this context, will be held in almost every area of social life Arinc stated that considering the extensive regulations and EU standards reported in this context, the first meeting will be held in Ankara on November 8th . Photo NATIONAL MINE OPERATIONS CENTER ESTABLISHMENT Photo Arinc explaining that the National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz, a draft law is presented, \"National Mine Action Center for Law on the Establishment were found positive , has been signed and will be submitted to the Parliament ,\"he said . Photo Arinc Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan, Prime Minister ahmet Davutoglu some action will be announced on Thursday , said that he informed the Cabinet about the report on the conversion program , reported in this regard will be announced personally by the Prime Minister Davutoglu prepared 9 program.
< strong> ISTANBUL STRAIT < strong> NDA bOAT dISASTER Ministers also experienced in Photo of the Bosphorus boat disaster that expressed the Board's agenda Arinc, \"the most recent information received 24 corpses from the sea to me . Afghan nationals, 6 people were rescued alive. Nationality of migrants who died could not be determined . And we will continue to search and rescue operation. This is a human tragedy , it is a very difficult task. Only refugees and migrant workers are not fugitives in danger of going to live in this prosperous country , no matter where in the world and a number of unscrupulous people to exploit them . Unfortunately, we do all the work for prevention. Illegal migrants apprehended in Turkey in 2013 is 39 thousand 980 . These are sent to the country from illegal immigrants is around 25 thousand , 15 thousand so in a way that could not be sent . The readmission agreement was signed in this regard . Are monitored simultaneously with the entry into force EU member states . Currently a total capacity of 27 removal centers in the province in 2166 is a person . Currently, there are 675 thousand foreigners to be deported here . A law immigration offices with change has also been established , but use this as Turkey terminal illegally and to go to other countries to disregard their lives and have been copyright a number of lives in the hands of unscrupulous people , there is loss been a lot of people . In this respect there is a criminal investigation has begun , \"he said. ( SU

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