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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 01:57

Council of Ministers Meeting

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Deputy Prime Minister and Government Spokesman, Bulent Arinc, \"hdp'n the provincial, district heads, kck's , nor is all I know kdk's while taking part in the forefront in this work we would have been criticized not only them , they are throwing all sorts of insults against us .

Ankara news: Continues to this style if they know themselves, \"he said. Ministers , chaired Photo Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu Board ended the meeting. Deputy Prime Minister after the meeting and Government Spokesman Arinc , answered questions from journalists . Photo Journalist's \"Cemil Sir the US 3. in the settlement process had recommended that the country as an observer country. What do you say to that? \"Arinc on the question, \"Who is Cemil Sir , \"he's going to run a little ridiculous, but I've read the news today in a'terrorist organization manager'that was written. Now you tell me what's a man we call it as a terrorist organization and money managers'deputy prime minister'Do you want to respond to someone capacity , this is not possible. You say if a terrorist organization manager known as a man what to say , not my partner , I'd be a shame to the Republic of Turkey remains the case to say anything about it, \"he replied. Photo NSC MEETING Photo Arinc National Security Council as to whether the issues discussed at the meeting of the Council of Ministers coming up , \"NSC meeting last really long. This is the only reason for our meeting today as our Council of Ministers . No matter how many issues on the agenda at that time much longer. So this is desired , it is not a desirable but the NSC meeting agenda was really busy and talk time based on said topic , perhaps this agenda was well below expectations. I have to tell you this , I'm going to NSC meeting since 6 years. The Board determines the agenda of the NSC Secretariat General . Mr. MGK General Secretariat by contact with ministers who are also members of the Prime Minister is preparing the ground for the emergence of this agenda. But in our recent decision of Mr. President that the desire to interview this issue and I must say that such a place on the agenda \"gave money .
Arinc, said the stay there of speaking in the NSC meeting , \"All of this takes place in a privacy policy. The decisions taken at the General Secretariat of the NSC can be disclosed if the decision of the NSC . This has been seen in the past few examples , \"he said .
\" COMMUNITIES OF ELE IS TAKEN \"Photo NSC Arinc attention is not only an expression of the form parallel structures , \"the illegal construction Legal looking \"he underlined the definition.
\"State and is one of our flag ,\"said Arinc, said:\"These are our common values. Second fiscal If Finance , a second judgment if there is justice , a second army if you have soldiers, a second safety structuring and crime which the state take orders and instructions from the bureaucracy within our law is understood they pass a hierarchical order in its done, were counted if there is safety . For example, I must say it certainly addressed issues of communities . Communities are sociological entities. These communities, in our country , faithful, religious people , a number of sociological ideas are being created by people who do not fight with the state law , even if different. Such defined and changed later , even though it is known, wrapped into a differentiated structure and has come to the point of doing acts contrary to law , then it is of paramount importance in terms of the survival of the state to take actions against them . Our Government will play its part in this regard. \"Photo IS RED BOOK WILL CHANGE ? Photo Literature \"Red Book \"emphasizing that changed at the end of 2010 of the National Security Policy Document Arinc, \"This year If you appreciate our government is also in talks to take this issue into the agenda yet , there is a need for a shift in the National Security Policy Document may lead to the NSC . Currently we have as yet considered are not in such a need , \"he said . Photo KOP NEW'< strong> YE Peshmerga PASS Photo Kobani'yi a second military responding to claims power will go Arinc,\"a second convoy or military power will go , you will go to the group is not absolutely correct. This topic has also been a demand , there has been a preparation. Nor has it any notification communicated to Turkey side. \"Photo \" We SHOWS PATIENCE \"Photo Arinc, HDPE Istanbul deputy Sirri Sureyya Onder responded in their descriptions. Photo HDPE in which some lawmakers that genuinely want the resolution process said Arinc, said:\"If the majority is not even know that even what is going to be such a picture, I know that I view as their own was under different influences. HDPE is a political party but as a result , are his deputies . In which there are MPs who talks with Öcalan in İmralı'yl this issue is obvious to all public. The thing I regret:hdp'l occasional insult from time to time some lawmakers threatened to blackmail him from time to time saw themselves their rights . No settings where they do not move , thinking what to say never . But they continue to shout bass bass when they themselves suffered a minor criticism . Criticism even less for you , the most severe of the criticism will do for you. They will tolerate , you have your very wrong. For these you have to look back at us wrong instead of yelling at yourself . Times have changed . Dear there is something that the Prime Minister insisted saying:Mr. Ahmet Davutoglu says that'public safety and public order, our people live comfortable and peaceful is real for us.'This is never the provisions of the settlement process. Solution process, or indeed our national unity and brotherhood project we take very seriously is an issue which we found very vital for Turkey. But he will kill this project , devastation , discontinuation of the way our people , unthinkable never be questioned . It is a separate business separate this business . There is no disorder and no it will not be a terrorist event , the National Association of Fellowship project you grow as much as they can and flourish . \"Photo \" SHOWS TO DO INSULT AND THREATS TO NOT OUR JOB \"< br/> \"You keep God Turkey them every day'exit street'if damaged call the property and life would not be strange to talk about such a process does ? \"asks Arinc, \"in the majority of all these events HDPE provincial and district organizations have played a dominant role . Some events have been found hdp'l lawmakers in person. We are not in favor of the closure of the party. Constitutional amendments that are party to the closure of facilities we'yes'vote , while she had no participation HDPE or BDP MP voting . But the thought of a political party that plays a dominant role in such events , even in democratic countries can not be fulfilled . This is Turkey we want them alive. He and members of political parties are tried for their crimes , but we want you to see individual party. But it has no right to abuse anyone . Hdp'n the provincial, district heads, kck's is , I do not know what all kdk's role in the foreground , while in this work we would have just criticized them , they are throwing all sorts of insults against us . It knows they continue to style themselves . We show our patience to continue a National Unity and Brotherhood Project . We show two care . We're trying to make the maximum of the work can be done three . But the show or make insulting , threatening not our job , support illegal embodiments , the power to give not our job, \"he said. ( SU

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