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  • 01 Ocak 2014, Çarşamba 16:08

"Countries should keep pace with the modern Turkey in Cholesterol Treatment"

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Thermal Yalova University Faculty Professor Vocational School.

Yalova news: Thermal Yalova University Faculty Professor Vocational School. Dr.. Can ahmet Selcuk, cholesterol treatment that changed in modern countries now, this change should adapt Turkey also said a moment ago.
modern cholesterol treatment LDL values ​​kept in the foreground attention Can,"Now 'total cholesterol to below 200 drop' or 'bad cholesterol you pass 100 if start treatment immediately like' words from your doctor, you will not. cholesterol treatment changes in views before the cholesterol measurement of the tell me what happened have benefits. blood on your cholesterol you measure your report 4 has value. total cholesterol in the blood is good and bad cholesterol and triglyceride values ​​of the 5 one of which is the sum total cholesterol refers to the value. HDL is the good cholesterol, HR starts with better cholesterol was called. LDL bad cholesterol. La begin with among the people cursed cholesterol is known as. Modern cholesterol treatment LDL foreground stands out. triglycerides circulating oil. excess amount of carbohydrates, sugar and alcohol consumption and sedentary life triglycerides increase the value,"he said.
Prof. Dr.. Ahmet Selcuk Can the new treatment guidelines by the many cholesterol drugs from the group only statin group drug should be used, other groups of drugs as a priority not to choose the physician and the patient's treatment before starting cholesterol, height loss, drug benefits and harms of the debate said that. In addition, patients always refuse treatment of the rights that emphasizes Can,"Cholesterol treatment of the actual object in the medical language athero-called hardening of the arteries is to prevent. Vascular stiffness of heart attack, stroke, leg artery blockage in the results as causes. Cholesterol treatment four group of patients recommended to be done is being . these, arteriosclerosis existing patients. these groups of patients already have heart disease, such as stroke problems because of these diseases to prevent recurrence for statin group of cholesterol drugs to consider. More of bad cholesterol value LDL 190 mg/d on the ones. These patients are usually in the family of high cholesterol problems are people with. This sense of a new treatment approach major change brings; formerly LDL 130 mg/dL, and some heart disease risk for people with cholesterol medication is recommended and is now just LDL 190 mg/dl As with a high cholesterol medication is given. 40-75 years of age with and hardening of the arteries without evidence of LDL (bad cholesterol) values ​​from 70 to 189 mg/d of diabetes mellitus patients with coronary heart disease with or without diabetes, bad cholesterol (LDL) levels 70-189 mg/d of which is that the first three items entering and 10-year heart disease risk of 7.5 per cent over the patients. Yet heart disease risk used to measure the statistical data, the United States and in Western European countries is being developed people of our country does not fit. well in Turkey decreased HDL cholesterol, while a major problem, in America and Europe highlights a problem than the height of LDL bad cholesterol,"he said.
Prof. Dr.. Can Selcuk ahmet previously practiced in America with their publications algorithm to measure heart attack in Turkish patients give low results, he said. Can our researchers heart attack risk in Turkish patients age, sex, blood pressure, bad cholesterol and good cholesterol can be calculated by using parameters such as the need to develop an algorithm or statistical program, he argued.

"Countries should keep pace with the modern Turkey in Cholesterol Treatment"" comments for.


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