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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:50

Covered Governor Gurbuz, Looked Place to Government House

Covered Governor Gurbuz, Looked Place to Government House
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Cover district of Tekirdağ Governor Mehmet Ali Gurbuz , appeared to identify the host location for the construction of government officials with DS .

Tekirdağ news: Photo Kapakli since the first day he started working in government buildings to draw attention to the requirements of the Governor's Mansion Mehmet Ali Gurbuz, began to take concrete steps . Deputy Governors and District Governors with the latest decree issued by the Ministry of Interior Cover appointed governor Mehmet Ali Gurbuz, has embarked on efforts to gain the county government building in the first place . Government entered into places quest for Host Lid Governor Mehmet Ali Gurbuz , he visits from State Hydraulic Works relevant authorities to exchange ideas with the .
Governor Gurbuz and his then Government Cover Football Field in the Republic neighborhood set for the mansion house made observations on vacant land next to it. DSI officials that they do long been working on a Photo land, \"the region, the river bed , the Government does not pose a danger to the mansion house . However, the Government Office of a possible flood even unaffected , flood waters of the river bed can be dangerous for the buildings on the other side . Therefore, the Municipality should complete rehabilitation works as soon as possible in this creek , \"he said. Photo district Governor Mehmet Ali Gurbuz is also close to the town center, the government house event that there is any mishap this can be done because of the said point.

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