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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 14:52

Crisis in narrowing Circle Housing And Construction Interview

Crisis in narrowing Circle Housing And Construction Interview
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Published over 20 books on Turkey's economy economist and writer Mustafa Sonmez, he said, should be dealt with political and economic aspects of the construction industry .

Adana news: Published over 20 books on Turkey's economy economist and writer Mustafa Sonmez, he said, should be dealt with political and economic aspects of the construction industry . Photo Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects ( Chamber ) Civil Engineers (ASCE ) Adana Branch , Adana and Turkey constitutes one of the most important agenda items laid on the table of the housing and construction sector . Photo Seyhan Municipality held at the Cultural Center \"Housing and Construction in Crisis shrinking circle \"on an interview moderated by IMO Adana Branch President Nazim Bice did. Harvesters, Turkey in general , unplanned , far from the contemporary understanding , to a waste of scarce public resources , the destruction of agricultural land , said a concept that continued brazenly causing unplanned construction equity and socio-cultural issues .
Author Mustafa Sonmez , the construction industry argued that become an industry dependent on foreigners. Sönmez explained that the sector carried out by the exchange from outside , suggested that there has been a serious contraction in the economy in the event of termination of his later period of foreign investment in the construction sector by indirect means . Describing the growth of the construction sector that contributes to employment Sonmez, \"But the people running the precarious and minimum wage. But there is no employment can not say . Foreign capital invested in construction in Turkey for 10 years. Decrease whereas employment has increased unemployment . If you say how this happened . Housewives and so never started working with people who enter the labor market. Thus, employment was provided. However there are still 3 million picture of us are unemployed , there are 5 million of us are unemployed , including our unofficial 2 million unemployed. employed persons in providing the votes potential political power , \"he said .
Photo \" 402 BILLION DOLLAR DEBT nOT close ONLY constructionafter \"in the subject taken with Photo credit does not question saying that there is a decrease , \"Foreigners see Turkey among longer-risk countries . countries if investments are withdrawn there will be a contraction in the economy significantly . after the entry of foreign currency country began to decline in 2013 . Reason for the June events , community-AK Party fights and similar factors. Turkey's economy sees as a foreign fragile economy. There are foreign currency under the housing sector. Foreigners now Turkey fragile economy , political structure considers risky . After the mid-2013 began to turn upside down umbrella . The economy went into decline lane. Now we witness the less construction activity. After construction and housing will be what will happen to the economy of the country's economy has brought with it the question of the question . Geopolitical situation of the country began to be questioned. Despite all the negativity seems to give up the government building . Brought an increase in urban construction and housing crimes in Turkey. Farmland were destroyed , the industrial sector was thrown into the background , green spaces were completed. Public resources to solve problems in new construction began to leave. New problems showed themselves. We hear in Adana introduced new zoning plan for the new annuity areas. Because the game was built. The total external debt of our country 402 billion dollars. You just can not turn off this debt constructionafter . There is a high currency and high interest rates squeezed between economy , \"he said. Photo

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