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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 18:07

Crisis Management in Konya, Anatolia Selçukspor

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Sports Toto 2 League teams in the White Group in Konya, Anatolia Selçukspor decision of the extraordinary general meeting by the board of directors has announced that he will leave the task .

Konya news:
the statement made by the club's official website , the club financially and obstruction charges on behalf of me decided that an extraordinary congress of the current board were reported . The statement, \"Konya, Anatolia Selçuksp rest of this two-season tesisleşme have , institutionalism name made ​​great strides , Konyaspor team up to 6 players has given KONYASPOR U16-U17-U18 and U19 teams , including sub-structure 70, the PTT Division 1 3 , Sports Toto 2 League 3 and Spor Toto 3 Division 5 player has earned . these players still active football as life continues . Konya, Anatolia Selçuksp sub-structure sets a strong team joined with their age group leagues represented in the superstructure and the players duty to give the the best way to fulfill. Konya, Anatolia Selçuksp a team these days as 12 Konyalı young people with 25 different players a strong structure has . Experienced misfortune and financial difficulties today, at this point the shareholders has been , the future justify the fact that we will be understood . Unfortunately, how many precious human's back from taking reached today Konya in Anatolia Selçuksp Club's'Charge me'and priority is always KONYASPOR that'Turkish sports resource generating'mission with honor and pride fulfilled we complete our mission of having his peace of mind ,'Extraordinary Congress'decision we have . Management side of our people who , institutions and organizations we hear thankfully , but up here we bring our mission financially clogging and our more with wear our cause in the General Assembly decided to quit that we have received with respect to the public announcement \"the statement said .
Sports Toto 2 League struggling in Konya Anatolia Selçukspor no points in the 7th week of the league does not exist.

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