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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:07

Criticises President TUDEF Attack Time

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Federation of Consumer Associations ( TUDEF ) Chairman Hasan Attack , 9 percent of the electricity and natural gas rate hike will hit the poor and low-income consumers , he said.

Eskişehir news:
Attack , cold weather starts and natural gas consumption for the start of fall, winter and spring seasons of consumers of natural gas pay royalties even with the increase , especially low-income poor consumers a great hardship , he said. Attack , \"Electricity and natural gas with the 9 percent hike, the dollar increase in the price are connected to the be said that this time, the main cause of our country's realistic and accurate energy policy absence literally is an admission . Energy field for many years in the customization of this dependence is the main reason . Indigenous and renewable sources of energy production does not take place unless it is addictive and price hikes by searching will continue, \"he said.
\" from food TRANSPORT ALL PRODUCTS will be reflected on \"
Time with minimum-wage earners and pensioners'salaries percent on average 26.6 electrical and natural gas pay the analyte Atak , he continued:
\"this consumer rights is contrary to . Minimum wage earners and pensioners'salaries a bagel money much time in making electricity and natural gas at a time of 9 percent hike consumers and low income crush anything other than is not . electric and natural gas made ​​up 9 percent hike prices of all products from food to transportation will be reflected at the same rate . The living conditions of the people of this zamla 9 percent will become more expensive . Energy Minister Taner Yildiz , Europe's cheapest natural gas in Turkey say is , whereas consumers'income and purchasing power of considering and Turkey with European countries in this regard compared Turkey's electricity and natural gas in the most expensive among the countries that will be seen . \"

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