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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 15:42

Criticism from the Turbay Mine

Criticism from the Turbay Mine
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Association of Municipalities and Local Authorities Workers Union ( BEM-Bir-Sen ) Chairman Mürsel Turbay , reacted to the safety measures that are not mine .

Balıkesir news: Photo Mürsel President Turbay , BEM-Bir-Sen in his speech at the General Assembly Balikesir Branch assessed the country's agenda. Turbay , \"and inside there are outbreaks can not digest and outside developments in Turkey. From time to time countries have the mindset that you want to dial instead of a fire. When you look at who identified themselves as political leaders but their behavior leaves the political leadership of the movement as a terrorist leader as if to stir the country who got calls insights into the streets of our people . Unfortunately, burning our hearts , in lifes hurts Ermenek in coal mines 18 our brother let's hope . Absorb sweat and labor is very important. Absorb sweat when we water stops flowing , \"he said .
Officer Sen the basis of Mehmet Akif noted Believe at Turbay , \"the basis of it is a solid horse, is that the idea of ​​'resurrect a human being, seems to have revived the universe .\"Unfortunately, our country can not be given too much value to people. Soma 301 of our brothers in the accident , we went in there. 1 half our people working there makes you crazy overtime to produce million tons of coal would be like this.'Always me , always me believe that'understanding is not correct . Lately subcontracting system, savage capitalism , to me, is the name of the exploitation of labor and sweat in the modern era because you do not give the fee can go up to people , they do not receive wages to live in dignity . At the expense of people who can not even eat their meals in the fresh air and not be anything other than a win and sweat labor exploitation . The government must take drastic action on these issues , \"he said . Noting whether
street rights sought Turbay said, this case would not have won the fight. Turbay , \"Quit with our young people , quit with your friends. We as a nation who loves his homeland as a nation if we go with our young people a youth throws stones at us they will not . We have to embrace our children. We do not embrace embracing one another . Then your children that you stones. Peace of the country and basically depends on the upbringing of the youth . Our environment has a ring of fire . These countries are not only dealing with insiders . How many years can put us into war with Syria , we ignite how to fight these people , they made his account. Now he Isidor derive a terror organization. They do not produce any heavy weapons in the hands of Islamic countries. Who gives them ? Asks whether Isidor eventually like to get the Free Syrian Army to get the Peshmerga , the whole goal is to prevent the progress of Turkey. Here, it was who turned our country by fire instead Kobani'yi excuse. They tried to negotiate his brother to brother. Whatever the coming fight in this country , not the winner of this fight. Street right does not apply . To vandalize , craftsmen , but broke shop windows , construction equipment will not only burned , \"he said . After the board's activities Photo speech , auditing and financial reports were approved . The General Assembly of hours with the list of those who want to run for president were asked to apply until 17:00 .

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