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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:38

Cross audit was made ​​in fuel and LPG Stations

Cross audit was made ​​in fuel and LPG Stations
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With cross-checks on the fuel and LPG stations in Malatya , reportedly made ​​the necessary punishment and warning.

Malatya news: Photo Malatya Science , by Industry and Technology Provincial Directorate officials, province and district , with the participation of the Provincial Gendarmerie Command and the Provincial Security Directorate personnel was carried out cross-checks in fuel and LPG stations in order to fight effectively with fuel smuggling in 6 team. < br/> Control result ; With 141 licensed gas station was inspected all 130 licensed LPG auto gas station. The monitoring station with 9 fuel stations 14 LPG was found to be operating the station. Photo Control results were stated as follows:Photo \"License Control:active with 132 fuel and 116 LPG was determined that auto gas stations licensed in all of the undergraduate control , it is made ​​of the control of the 248 license document. Photo marker control:in order to determine whether the leakage of liquid fuel supplied to sales in armed with 132 filling stations, petrol and national marker controls on diesel products made is all the 324 marker measurements came true Photo stamp Control:Malatya in station operating in the province thousand 925 pieces of fuel meter and 273 LPG meter for a total of 2 thousand 198 meter stamp time is checks were made , 22 1 piece with fuel meter these counters are sealed upon expiration of the stamp while the LPG meter. stamp expired measuring instruments, stamp intervention or unsealed fuel meters to 3516 numbered dimensions and Adjustment Act Article 15 (c ) states \"stamp expired \"\"unstamped fuel counter\"thousand due to the actual 521 TL penalty is applied. Photo Volume Control:the amount of the checks carried out on the counter , a total of 262 thousand 207 thousand 469 units of fuel meter and meter units were audited , including LPG counter. Made in the amount of checks , it was determined that all counters give the right product. For each counter that missing items 3516 Law No. Article 15 (e ) states:\"setting using the incorrect measuring instruments \"151 TL fine is applied due to the verb.
Staff insured Availability:5510 Social Security and General Health Insurance under this law by the Law for the implementation of the matters mentioned in Circular No. 2009/1 issued by the Ministry , in order to determine whether the running of uninsured workers were cross-checked during the audit workplaces , employee identity information is processed . \"

Cross audit was made ​​in fuel and LPG Stations" comments for.


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