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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:27

ÇTSO from Kozuva President , Governor Gurbuz'benevolent Get'Views

ÇTSO from Kozuva President , Governor Gurbuz'benevolent Get'Views
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Cerkezkoy district of Tekirdağ Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( ÇTSO ) Chairman Süleyman Kozuv to , together with the management Lid Governor Mehmet Ali Gurbuz to'get better'was found in the visit.

Tekirdağ news: During a Photo Visit Governor Mehmet Ali Gurbuz wished success in his new position ÇTSO Chairman Süleyman Kozuv said, \"We have heard very good things about you. I believe you will do good work in Kapakli \"he said. Expressing satisfaction with the Photo Views Covered Governor Mehmet Ali Gurbuz , ÇTSO Chairman thanked the Kozuv and management . Robust , said that a lot of work to be done in the lid. Çerkezköy Chamber of Commerce and other civil society working with organizations Kapakli, expressed the desire to provide the best service to Governor Gurbuz, \"living standards in Ipsala District I ​​worked before was slightly better . Our desire to offer our people a better life . Safety, security, education , and we more concerned with them , we can do better in other subjects. Hopefully we will be successful and we have the benefit to the country , \"said the statement. at the end of the Photo Talk Governor Gurbuz, Covered Chamber of Commerce established up would be to demand from Cerkezkoy Commerce and Industry Chamber and asked for support on this issue. ÇTSO President Suleyman Kozuv also said they were ready to support , \"We'll always be with you \"gave money .

ÇTSO from Kozuva President , Governor Gurbuz'benevolent Get'Views" comments for.


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