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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:57

Çukurova Municipality Sports Club, Basketball Summit Targets

Çukurova Municipality Sports Club, Basketball Summit Targets
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6. Men's Regional Basketball League FC team that competed in the Cukurova Group , the summit aims .

Adana news: After 2 weeks
6-team group , made ​​a poor start to the league orange-blue team out looking . Cukurova Mayor Soner Çetin's support also received the Orange-blueness first exit from the group wants to take part in a top group .
Çukurova Municipality Sports Club President Sami Büyükgöç , Adana , they serve to basketball, young people said they wanted to give the Turkish basketball, youth keep away from bad habits , sports field and to that they are in steering effort in this regard Cukurova Mayor said they are always found in the side of Soner Çetin's support. Kayseri is located in a Photo Group of University to be late this week due to the withdrawal of the team Cukurova FC Men's Basketball team November 22, Saturday at 14:00 pm to accommodate the Antalya Development College. This match making training 3 days a week undergoing preparations orange-blue color , Adana basketball lovers await the Menderes Sports Hall.

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