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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:01

Currency Assets and Liabilities Financial Sector Foreign Companies Announced

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Central Bank, announced in August 2014 and Obligations of Foreign Exchange Assets Financial Sector Foreign Companies .

İstanbul news: Assets compared to the previous month, the firms outside the financial sector $ 115 million , liabilities of 358 million dollars decreased .
Republic of Turkey Accordingly, belonging to August 2014 period'Currency Assets and Liabilities of Financial Sector Foreign Companies'When evaluated ; According to the July 2014 assets worth 115 million dollars, 358 million dollars to reduce liabilities . The net foreign exchange position-179 billion was realized as 319 million dollars and 243 million dollars gave less clear compared to July 2014 period . When the period of August 2014 Photo examined the distribution of assets ; the previous month, according to 678 million dollars in deposits and export credit in domestic banks , respectively, and 1 billion 56 million dollars decreases, direct investment abroad 1 billion 621 million dollars, increased assets and $ 115 million decrease as a result. Photo Liabilities distribution is ; to the previous month based on cash provided from domestic cash provided from kredileril dorm loans respectively 344 million dollars and 126 million dollars decreases, Import Payables increased by $ 112 million and related , obligations 358 million dollars decreased . During a Photo August 2014 short-term assets 81 billion 865 million dollars, while short-term liabilities amounted to 94 billion 761 million dollars. The short-term net foreign currency position gave 1 billion-12 billion 896 million dollars, 724 million dollars realized more open compared to July 2014 period . The share of short-term liabilities in total liabilities was 34 percent.

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