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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 17:53

Customs and Trade Minister Canikli'den Important Disclosures

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Mersin indicating that the meat sold to upscale restaurants in the harbor caught Nurettin Canikli Customs and Trade Minister , said it was well above the market value of 40 million pounds .

İstanbul news: Customs Minister Isidor militants in Syria and Iraq, Turkey has responded to allegations that the ship passed over .
Customs and Trade Minister Nurettin Canikli, News Ankara representative Murat Akgun answered questions on the agenda. With regard to meat fugitive captured in the port of Mersin Canikli, \"the amount he captured the last 3 years around 50 tons. The latter capture the total amount of thousand 44 tons to 20 times more than the total of roughly three years. This meat is cheap in South America, Brazil and Uruguay comes from . quality standards of incoming meat we estimate that given the likely luxury hotels and restaurants to be high. they exiled Unregistered market. we continue our investigation in this matter. Turkey over , they just declared to make the transit trade. in fact, the final country is not Turkey. Libya, according to the declaration'from the looks loaded but the origin of Brazil and Uruguay, he is declared to be taken to Syria. such use warehouses in Turkey for transit . They is 226 percent of the total tax loss. this is the same amount to the meat of the place and not bring in economic weight chicken flock is put . is put in the same amount and in the original box for T weighed . were brought to Turkey under the transit regime for these products and a warning letter came about my personality is left in Turkey. In fact, on 9th October, we passed all custom orders for detection t just not as physical with the scale. After our authorization, which accounts for all the doors in goods swells downloaded individually controlled attracts the attention of our colleagues in the actual count them . Captured market value of the meat is said to be over 40 million pounds of the sentence to be cut so the customs authorities £ 80 million . We know that this company a total of 2 thousand 450 tons of red meat into Turkey. A portion was determined. But others seem to be officially issued . Seems to come from Cilvegözün . \"Photo IRAN'< strong> TR RETALIATION Photo Iran's Turkish trucks to money application per mile applied and as regards the enhancement of fees Customs and Trade Minister Nurettin Canikli, said:\"Our major partner of Iran. Iran previously under the name , citing fuel price difference the diesel price is cheaper to own country was taking money from Turkish lorries per mile . It was annoying but we have to accept that he will get hurt relations . For many years, been applied . Iran then increase this figure . Figures you raise serious charge brought by the sector. We had our faces almost our trucks will result in the deletion of the point there. We use our right to retaliate . Of course, before the interviews were conducted by normal methods . But Iran has insisted on that. Loads in that way because there can not be able to perform the activities of our transportation sector. In such cases, if you do not handle this thing you can do is retaliation by normal methods . We see it hurt but it also applies to trucks with Iran . That we are trying to normalize using the channel. Iranian trucks entering Turkey and Iran entered into a serious decline in Turkish trucks . We are committed . We accept up to a point that we can absorb up to a certain point as a result . But of course if we need to protect the right to go beyond our own trucks . I think after this application Iranian trucks will also be severely damaged. We estimate that their more damaged. Costs comes along losses will pass as long as normal obviously realize edilince Iran , we estimate could understand . \"Photo \"Isidor'< strong> E OF A GRAM OIL was NOT GO \"Photo Customs our one gram of oil Isidor owned Ministers Canikli indicating that pass , \"There is no way anyone passing yumularak eye or illegally as unregistered from customs or pass out of the question there is a mechanism there any record in any way if you have or like a record being sought is necessarily arrested and detained but no way If there is a normal human . Isidor militants or members or at the point where it works on behalf of another organization looking eye brow or any information that you understand that we can not recognize that it's not true anyway Isidor militant people impossible . Then you arrest every person you like , you can keep . Is there an event that also take into account that in Turkey there came a customs intelligence ? Not even mentioned . Not show even one example . Isidor is certain that the militants or she penetrates the any person's Turkey customs with intelligence about the subject or to go out , the process can not be done must be arrested and made ​​this need is an empty claim. 15 days, it is brought up similar claims but no one concrete example is unable to name the point just talking about things or events aphakia . Such evaluation would not . If we say let's talk about something square Hodri explain my perception of the world can know your hands evaluate the creation operation. Customs does not exceed one gram of oil ISIDE of our trade is not in question. Maybe mules to smuggle small few can tread. They are creating the perception operations and disinformation , \"he said.
< Strong> AVM LAW Canikli Photo AVM Act with respect to the\"can not be taken out of the existing city . The aim is to strengthen the weak position against the major shopping centers and support the artisans . Discounts will be reflected necessarily have to have a previous price deterrent penalties. Discounts may not exceed 3 months . We will take all measures to avoid being deceived misled consumers. All dimensions are in no way consumers can not be misled in terms of both price and quality can not be a victim. The products they are selling them to outsource large chain stores and the company producing the product as well as their own brand name and logo will be placed in . This will increase the manufacturer's reputation , \"he said .

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