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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 09:57

Customs and Trade Minister Canikli:

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Customs and Trade Minister Nurettin Canikli Turkey to remain silent in the Middle East , said that as the quarterback role in the region.

İstanbul news: Canikli, lost our rights in Lausanne , has announced that they compensate for the AK Party Government . Ministers Canikli, TGRT talking to the news, Syria and Iraq by photographing mobility , \"Isidor tool , aim, from Iraq to Syria, a park and Turkey'Greater Kurdistan'design ,\"he said .
\" CONFLICT summit in if I did ; tHE PROCESS WORKS 'Photo'Solution Process anyone not finish'makes the definitive statement Canikli,\"the PKK , Qandil said, Abdullah Ocalan including , if here there who as an actor , interior and can not finish available , none of this process to outsiders all. this process does not stop ! So this process is not only the creation of çatışmazlık environment. in other words , to make the action of a terrorist organization or not to the determinant of the process , the main elements of is not . the process something else ... Conflicts, past the turn around the most intense period ; Solution process still not over, continues . Solution process is never a terrorist organization and persuasion processes and supporters . Solution process, a region of the Turkey, with other regions ... this fusion process is actually force , law enforcement measures will not work . Lives of our citizens in the region wholeheartedly is the strengthening process will live with their consent essentially ... This major project will never disappear , not removed , it must be lifted , \"he said.
\" comment accusations of our citizens ; wHAT ÖCALAN wHAT HDPE \"Photo no interlocutor to accept that they save Canikli except citizens in the South East region ,'but'he continued with emphasis:\"The citizens of the region , one way or another in their political representatives they see as a political party , if there is a political organization , that we can not ignore . He is such a demand for our citizens , to set forth such a determination, our political party interlocutor . Likewise Imralı like that ... citizens of the region , the representative point , it's as if you have some thoughts and opinions of interested people ; this is a fact. At least it is seen for a given segment . Our goal , given their value and our citizens , our interlocutor , as he is , we have to discuss what they see as representatives of the people , we will not escape it . Already not see that area nobody is concerned with muhataplık . Mainly addressed to citizens in the solution , but it indirectly HDPE and Öcalan is being discussed because of ties , \"he said . Photo \"PROCESS , TURKEY NOT GUARANTEE THE ONE PIECE \"Photo Canikli,'We can not end this project never saying'began to develop his words as follows:\"If we thought the point of living together with that of Turkey in the future , then it is not possible to take another step. The ruling AK Party during the era , with the fight against terror experienced the most intense and shown the greatest success in 2012 with the current method. As highlighted the struggles of security tools that made ​​that year were destroyed by terrorist terrorists near 1,500. Looks like success ; but according to the survey , the survival rate with that in other regions of our people with our citizens in the region , the request had success in the bottom level ... Terror ; but the nation was no commitment to build the future together. Process Solutions has now exceeded this level by 90 percent. Turkey to live together , to walk into the future as one piece stands a very strong possibility . The process is the guarantee of Turkey's having actually one body ... \"Photo \" NO SECURITY WEAKNESS ; EXTENDED TO HAVE FREEDOM \"Photo evaluating 6-7 October took Nurettin Canikli, \"a security vulnerability on behind the scenes collusion behind these claims are nonsense .'Eye was tolerated , left a bit , and supporters of the terrorist organization were delivered to the area ; hence the psychological advantage emerged. That's part of the bargain'as a perception was created. For several years the division and fragmentation continually spoken everywhere ... This is proof that this is not the contents of Homeland Security Reform . How much is proof that unfounded policing measures of this description ... in the framework of the expansion of freedom as a requirement of our political ideology and our belief in natural human according to his nature , arrangements were made on the promotion of freedom in near-universal values ​​.'Security holes'I have spoken ; we have to expand the freedom of our people is the product of bona fide work , \"he said .
\" THE PEACE PROCESS , HDPE'< strong> THE ASSETS REASON REMOVES \"Photo Canikli,'peace'disdainfully that everything is softened , telling everyone smile , \"but there was a shortage of reacting point about adjusting the dosage . No intent , of course. Adledil some movements were seen as pretty spoiled in this regard. Step to be taken against the West such events, given that response would be different ; but we get to see the process losses , negative etkilemeyel I , to not get into the blame I say we're looking at . Or a suggestion not mentioned . HDPE is when viewed by a Middle East equation comes up . The terrorist organization and its supporters never considered to be in favor of a peace process that the ultimate goal . Because the status quo will be lost ; The reason for the existence and power to get away with . Someone , at bottom to the top by taking power from this structure , with this structure , ie, feeding from terror and violence, maintenance saves lives and complex , they want it to last a crooked scheme. We do not have a target like their peace. This chess game ... Our government has made a good move on the Solution Process . Hand of brotherhood extended to all of society . People come out from under the bombs , came to the next level with the children to dream . Regional loved the human process. The terrorist organization was also disturbed by these developments happening ; losing power , \"he said .
\" ISID A TOOL , BACKGROUND'< strong> from the Great Kurdistan DESIGN \"Photo Kopani insistence and'top minds'speaking on Nurettin Canikli \"There are few places in the region Isidor passing into the hands ; While several thousand people ; Kopani insistence design awareness and willingness to serve their own interests at the Turkey ... they will occur in the future . Turkey appears to be how to stop the blame away . After 1914 , with the shaping of post-World War 1 , he took over the role of one of the same nature today . Maps to be redrawn , they saw the PKK as a tool for their own purposes animating , supported by , perhaps giving words to their long-term goals, they had a terror act. 6-7 events , it is precisely the product of Kopani insistence mind here ... Top countries, the Middle East's more manageable , you want to be in the efficiency they want. Designed to 1914 , needs to be given a new shape . In attempting , make an effort . Syria, Iraq and Turkey from parts of Greater Kurdistan project may be , it seems . Because those who want peace , not as a case of insurrection. Directed left , \"he said .
\"LAUSANNE'< strong> in the RIGHTS, AK Party government REMEDY HAS \"Photo \"We are not spectators in the design in the Middle East . We also'playmaker'We are standing upright'Canikli said , \"We are in good relations with northern Iraq, both economically and politically Management. We provide a source of oil contracts with 10 to 20 billion dollars each year . We've lost our rights in Lausanne today to a large extent compensated by this agreement. Turkey imported 60 billion energy that is taking milyar'lık section 20 of the Northern Iraq. We want to continue our relationship well into northern Iraq as the country is at stake. As the quarterback in the international arena , we have one of our moves that we senai globally , \"he said .

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