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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 14:20

Cut 3 People tire of the vehicle 36 Released

Cut 3 People tire of the vehicle 36 Released
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Vehicle parked in Samsun on 36 allegedly cut the tires 3 , was released by a local court with judicial control condition they were removed.

Samsun news: Photo Events , Ilkadim district close to each other in the neighborhood Kılıçdede Independence Avenue, Kazımkarabekir Street, Yunus Emre Street , occurred at 56 Street and Muhittin Özkefel Street. According to information obtained after breaking the rear window of a parked car 2 stones in 36 vehicle tires were cut . Yesterday vehicle damage in vehicle owners who filed a complaint to the police when they get up in the morning . Samsun Police Department Crime Scene Investigation Branch teams have found that cut the tires of luxury vehicles in their analysis of the team. Photo Ilkadim County Police Department Public Security Bureau teams fell to the tire maganda advance . Police , numerous workplace safety camera cut short period of time by examining the records of 36 vehicle tire in 2 vehicle allegedly broke the rear window OY (19) KY (18) and sacrifice (19) in the event that they use to catch detained along with the bread knife . Ilkadim County was learned that the suspect three alcoholic cut tires because they are being interrogated at the police headquarters . Police completed queries in Photo 3 people were referred to the Court of Samsun today . Court guards who testified OY , K.Y. and F. E. was released with a condition of judicial control .

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