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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 14:16

CV container , run this Summit

CV container , run this Summit
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Employment Summit Izmir Provincial Director Kadri few days before IŞKUR Pumpkin , job seekers and those who want to change the business'CV container also came'he urged.

İzmir news: 14-15 will be held in November Employment Summit's big opportunity is Pumpkin said , \"Unemployed our will do hundreds of interviews suppliers and exactly where they can enter in Izmir. Evaluation of this opportunity ,\"he said . Photo Izmir employment Summit unemployed and employers a IŞKUR City Manager stating that together they brought Kadri Pumpkin , \"we are bringing together the actors of the labor market . will be an event that meet the labor demand and supply . to job-seekers , those who want to change jobs , young people ,'it is the CV of the vessel'call. job seekers in Izmir hundreds of companies to work they can find to visit this exhibition and have the opportunity to make business negotiation with them. the most important feature of this exhibition is the company that made ​​one to one business meetings with human resources managers . Both in this respect will be gained will both recruitment opportunities experience. All the people of İzmir November 14 to 15 we look forward to the days of the Culture Fairground . Searched you will work in this exhibition , \"he said . Photo Izmir organized by the Directorate of Labour and Employment Agency of the Provincial Employment Summit will bring together job seekers with employers . The summit \"Youth, Women , Job Seekers'main themes to be discussed . Izmir Labour and Employment Agency of the Provincial Directorate , Istanbul Governor particularly under the leadership of Mustafa Toprak of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, İZFAŞ , İzmir Development Agency, Izmir University Platform, PERYÖN Turkey People Management Association of the many organizations and the contribution of organizations including the Aegean branch of the Izmir 3. Employment Summit will open its doors on November 14 to 15 . which is included as a Photo Exhibitors of staff needs to meet the as well as human resources that contributes to the enrichment of the curriculum vitae pool in unit Izmir participating in the Employment Summit firms'human resources managers will be provided to reach the target labor groups , the employer as well as the peak of its workforce will contribute to achieving an easy and effective way . Moreover, the panel will be held , and the interview session with the participants to ensure transfer of knowledge in personal development .

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