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  • 23 Ekim 2013, Çarşamba 11:15

'Dad, how many how many' Bakirköy

'Dad, how many how many' Bakirköy
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Yunus Emre Cultural Center of the Municipality of two masters Theaters bakırköy name, Ray Cooney and Dormen'in Khaldun meets 'How Few Father' was the premiere of the comedy game.

gala attended many famous actors. At the end of the gala to congratulate the players one by one fire Ünal Erzen Bakirköy Mayor, gave the news in mid-November will gain Bakıköy opera house.

Ray Cooney'in written, translated into English Khaldun Dormen and Kemal Uzun Dormen'in Khaldun and again directed by Father Few Few 'at the premiere of the comedy game, Centrum Yunus Emre Cultural Center. Compassionate Erol Ozan Ayhan Kenter Theater theater play of two parts, Emre Koç, Clover Ore, Ali Riza Kublai, Nurhayat Atasoy, Alper Kut Erzat Nevşim Aysen, Didem Germanic, Zeynep Köse Şengünler, Cloud Akkale, Murat Senol and Aytekin Özen ' starred in.. Superscript game was applied simultaneously for the hearing impaired.

'Dad, how many how many'; dirty past, revealing the unexpected at the comedy How saçılabileceğini onto the ground.

Dr. David Morgan is quite tense, his career is prepared to make one of the most important presentations. The symposium, which will determine the start of the turning point of his career was a relatively short time. Morgan rehearsing his speech while a guest in the past unexpectedly shows up. Years ago, his forbidden love Jane Tate wants to see him. Moreover, the Doctor will have a news. Morgan 18 years ago, a child was born out of wedlock lived relationship. The young man, with his father, the hospital has to meet and introduce himself to her. But his father does not recognize yet young, drunk and driving without a license for using the hospital while being sought by the police. Leslie, in the corridors of the hospital after police looking for his father. Moreover, Dr. Morgan's wife in the hospital. Was no longer minutes to make conversation. Morgan, this is a very important day, you need to find a way to get rid of the shadow of the past, collapsing on top. Doctor, I want to help colleague, Ted. However, the jobs that are already mixed thoroughly tangled returned. Lies makes the event even more complicated.

Players long standing ovation at the end of the night. Arriving on the scene fire Ünal Erzen Bakirköy Mayor, the players and the technical team behind the scenes individually congratulated. Erzen to thank everyone who contributed to the game in mid-November will reach Bakıköy opera house said.

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