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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:07

Dana pulled the Persecution of sacrificial Response

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In Manisa , the victim can not be laid on the floor to be played, a kind of beef , butcher infuriated .

Manisa news: Throat cut in a way that does not happen to the calf tries to stand up, while there was persecuted people around the calf drew fire .
Part of the sacrifice made at several points in Manisa , there have been interesting images . Places designated by the municipality sector , in the early hours of the morning when cutting the sacrificial citizens , had some difficult moments sacrificial owners . Some citizens of the sacrificial ax when cutting with the help of some citizens were cut with a chain saw . Cut the kids in place to swim and fragmentation of the sacrificial process was followed .
Saturday Princes municipal area as determined by the response has caused the victims who experienced the cutting place . Brought to the area by the owners sacrificed calf, tried to escape from the hands of the owner . That cause fear in the victim segment calves, neck and head passed the rope connected to the sack was calmed . Then the victim to be passed on to his neck and feet with a rope laid on the floor that runs to the calf , could not be reduced to a kind place . The beef with butchers and the difficult moments , the half cut throat tried to stand up . Dana hardly a victim , while the sacrificial calf those of other bystanders drew fire .
Response voicing Elijah cautious calf atrocities committed against the Muslim religion has no place , cutting the people who do this job should not do , he noted .

Dana pulled the Persecution of sacrificial Response" comments for.


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