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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:29

Dardanelles Disaster Preparation

Dardanelles Disaster Preparation
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1999 is the 15th year of the Duzce earthquake , earthquake and natural disaster preparedness issues came up again .

Çanakkale news: ACUTE Çanakkale Team Leader Huseyin Sahin , gave information about the Dardanelles disaster preparations. Photo ACUTE Çanakkale as far many students and ACUTE Çanakkale team leader said citizen training and seminars that they Huseyin Sahin , \"Çanakkale is our ACUTE team and has 40 volunteers, 15 volunteers has operational competence . on the other hand being ACUTE teams in the shortest time possible natural disasters in the provinces are situations that can interfere together with us. the crisis we are served depending on the AFAD sets a crisis desk immediately is connected to the Governor. If the province centered disaster , from rescue teams Çanakkale AFAD'ın close a time which is prepared by cAMP ( Dardanelles Disaster Response Plan) immediately and will stay in camp formed outside the city center in the frame. a search and rescue team of his own food and accommodation expenses according to international standards (food and drink and accommodation materials ) should be can provide . also now an experienced country numbers we can about the earthquake , I do not think there's much about this team is missing . So each team will meet all your needs during the time that the work will come to the area with the logistics tent in capacity , \"he said .
A disaster instantly reminiscent ençok need is reliable information of what will be needed Falcon,\"the crisis of the damage status information in own seat area can first ask the person who wants to help are the transportation of the table. We are preparing for cyclists and motorcycle teams Canakkale acute damage assessment team in this regard. Apart from this assistance to be required to enter into a particular operation site, we do not accept that we will never . No professional team does not accept it . That's why they should not be persistent. Team members present except a citizen's civil recovery work is not true. 10 years have a rescuer arrives. Receiving numerous training , participating in the exercise , practice doing , know the tools , know how to use what , prepared in advance to psychological infrastructure in this case ... Believe me, they do not ever work easier and faster. We have given their many years of labor possible, training crossing the road near a given operating personnel How can we citizens who want to help ? We do not take this risk, never . This is both the continuity of operations and healthy walk, and the victim's safety , as well as the personal safety of our team members and people would say to disregard their own safety. If they want to keep the civilians necessarily the end of a business may wish to appoint the consultant in crisis desk , \"he said . Photo earthquakes as disasters for reminding the need to build a safe spot in the house Huseyin Sahin , gave the following information:\"Life there might be in all living areas of the formation of the so-called triangle. Must be judged to be in during an earthquake where the safe zones in different habitats and exercise should be performed if possible . Assuming that communication will be cut must specify a meeting point for family dependents in different places. Primarily to secure the safety of the goods , then life is a necessary behavior in terms of maintenance and prevent financial losses. Primarily in a building collapse Seismic stairs , balconies , and then start the column . \"

Dardanelles Disaster Preparation" comments for.


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