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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 20:58

Darüşşafaka Nativity-Besiktas match, then the integral Forex

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Turkey Basketball League home welcomes you in the first week of the Nativity Darüşşafaka was defeated Besiktas 74-71 Integral Forex .

İstanbul news: Integral Forex
Besiktas despite finishing ahead of the match at the end of the first half of the party was defeated . The scene of the fiercest battle since the beginning of the game match the audience of this year will be fun and challenging game gave the signal . Matches in the last seconds the home team , Besiktas Integral Forex offensive empty after returning Brown basketball found and the match 74-71 and won .
After the match press conference Darüşşafaka Nativity coach Oktay Mahmut , they win because they are happy , said:\"first of all say that I need . 2 weeks 3 times Besiktas team are faced with. this match as coach would be challenging and in fact I knew. because Besiktas a good team and still match very well prepared they were . Games is always in balance and premier tried to take and it succeeded . we last moment reaction showed . as for the match very well play basketball have . further containing a basketball could play . everybody said excitement had . long break after such a pleasant environment all season to begin wanted . Perhaps it with the excitement of simple mistakes've done . continue the match after opening a difference again tried to make a comeback . on our behalf, the best part of the match we had to stop the match for 40 minutes . We have shown our resilience die together . We believe we can achieve . For this, I congratulate my players . I would also like to congratulate the team Besiktas . We met 3 times in 2 weeks 3rd time we beat a good opponent . When you look at the game , so we have a good offense . Main difficulties we had very little offense fast and very slow , we played the first circuit . We mix it with a little fast and in a hurry in the second period . Therefore, the simple mistakes made ​​there . It was important to win showing resistance . Besiktas a good team. This mug also showed , today show , \"he said .
Besiktas Integral Forex coach Ahmet Kandemir, today match them is unfair , arguing that \"Darüssafaka wins from I would like to congratulate , but I did not win the match Darüşşafaka . We think we deserve more . Today was a very interesting match . Perhaps you can also enter the record books . Last up to 9 seconds before a match was no foul play . While 10 to 12 points ahead of Johnson fouls the movements . No foul shot during the first period of the match can not win without firing . They are foul throws we normally have taken . I do not want to disrespect anyone , but I do not allow disrespect to my own team . Today's matches are watched . Match Ersin Dagli circle kept the place very critical . This is a violation . And continued in that position photo of 3 ate . There are many essential positions . 3 days ago played a very bad game after all take a step back and Darüşşafaka , we play to win . Despite our missing games throughout the team , we were playing to win the match . I congratulate my players for their struggle . But I do not believe that this is the result of the match . We're winning side this match . I just could not get points , but we're the real winner of the match . Anyone watching the game saw it . After all the players on the field playing professionals. They make money out of this . They earn money for winning matches , lost the penalty taking. Management of a professional job to be more professional and need to be respectful to the players . I think after they watch the match on a match today will seriously regret it , \"he said .

Darüşşafaka Nativity-Besiktas match, then the integral Forex" comments for.


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