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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 18:37

Dastan Bayburt AK Party Central District President , Congress Discusses Process

Dastan Bayburt AK Party Central District President , Congress Discusses Process
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AK Party Central District Chairman Mustafa Dastan a press conference on the 5th Ordinary Congress of the assessment found .

Bayburt news: Dastan \"The AK Party democracy, the nation's values ​​of our country, the unity which faithfully ; impact rules , the guardianship system and decline terminate \"he said.
AK Party all the success , determine a road map of the First Ordinary , Second Ordinary , Third Ordinary , fourth Ordinary and the First Extraordinary Congress processes demonstrates , principles, philosophy, and through it the nation signed unshakable trust-based contracts provide you with telling Chairman Dastan , \"AK Party, our country's political history'Promotion Period'will be saved as this process diligent and faithful work with the many'Not allowed'called the actions performed. dreams come true. country and our people, our future hopes strengthened . Hometown our face has changed. economy , health, education, transport , justice, safety in every field in our country and our people decent moves were revealed. started , completed and ongoing major projects and our people a justified earned confidence . Our economy grew , Turkey in our region and in the world has become a reputable and safe country . AK Party bosom of our country from a dark period in our nation to achieve bright as the value of our nation was founded . Thus ; Examples of our lives has been a democratic party . Making sense of politics , voters , members and administrators developed communication model put forward in political activities discipline and order in our country and are appreciated all over the world . This philosophy of our political life,'I have removed the idea of ​​'We , my country and my case'introduced the concept . First Extraordinary Large Our ​​Congress , through the process yapılışıyla and as a result of this most distinguished and most recent example , \"he said.
To be held from 5th Ordinary Congress calendar September 15, 2014 began on describing President Dastan then said , \"22 February 2014 on the province Congress prior to the conclusion of the process will be completed by the Great Congress . 5th Ordinary Congress first and most important step in our process of election of delegates is a village and neighborhood . Delegate elections are the cornerstone of democracy within the party . For this election of delegates villages , neighborhoods and towns are registered to all our members with the participation of local and chests placed will be made.
Delegates elections, our party and our society embrace all sections fair with an understanding of our statute and Regulations outlined in our criteria and guidelines taking into consideration will be carried out .
our city/village and places in our town all our delegates elections will be held in October . Thus, intra-party democracy and selection with our integration of the most important foundations villages and localities Us will be thrown .
Then Congress in accordance with schedules 1 November to 31 December 2014. between the District Congress and 22 November 2014-22 February 2015 period between the Provincial Congress will be held . Turkey, in this new era a strong, democratic , prosperous and respected country will walk the goal of becoming a greater determination .
This blessed march General President and Prime Minister , Prof. Dr. Ahmet Davutoglu coalesce under the leadership of our organization as a whole will reach higher goals . The AK Party, in this new phase will continue to be the voice of the nation . Always be near our nation , our nation, to speak the language , it will continue to maintain the bond of love . \"

Dastan Bayburt AK Party Central District President , Congress Discusses Process" comments for.


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