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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 12:38

Date and Place of Interest Hide Pending

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The region's most important open-air museum and the historic Hien Cave ruins and abandoned to its fate Çayönü case .

The most important open-air museum in the region and ruins that date Hilar Caves and abandoned Çayönü to the fate of the case . Condition deplorable account of the work of removing the job of caretaker after the abandonment for visitors in space history left the safety of village guards toilet for Gaining Photo Tourism state. Doors broken and dirt next to the sink located in the historic space shot security barriers around the broken cast condition. Environmental cleanliness in space history adrift full of everywhere drink bottles. Photo Photo HISTORY derelict left which they first appear Photo humanity begins to civilization located in Sesverenpın village campus Hide and experienced in Cayo remote images from civilization , exhibits historical sites left vacant state clearly before our eyes . Many locals and visitors sinks for foreign visitors flocked to the historic venue unusable state while exhibiting an ugly image , taken security barriers around the area if spilled Ignorance case . Year has four seasons of nature and history historic place where beauty with citizens constantly visited filled with all sides liquor bottles . Photo Photo Citizens Response teacher from residents Photo Sesverenpın village Remzi Kaygusuz humanity common values ​​, which date Hide and Çayönü to the need to give the deserved value specifying said:photo'humanity that civilization meet this historic venue this point he has unfortunately left unclaimed and vulgar are used. The most important open-air museum of our county turnout of visitors in all seasons of the year are, in inner pain. During the archeological excavations and studies conducted insensitivity of the authorities in the place was abandoned to its fate , leaving half to date to tourism aside, the insensitivity of our citizens is a very overwhelming situation . Must visit for both of garbage next to the picnic area for night visits to date at the end of this mess of hair to come here to drink alcohol instead dump the waste is turned state alcohol here . This situation is indicative of the environment and that we fulfill our responsibility to history. All relevant institutions and Erganil In this context, I invite you to be sensitive to our countrymen and to act responsibly . \"Photo

Date and Place of Interest Hide Pending" comments for.


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