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  • 30 Ekim 2012, Salı 14:58

Date of Umrah in 2013 has been determined!

Date of Umrah in 2013 has been determined!
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Following the successful Umrah pilgrimage visits begin at the end of January of 2013

Governor of Mecca, Prince Khalid, Saudi Arabia 186 countries in the world this year, the official records out of the 3 million 161 thousand 573 people in 1 million 400 thousand people had been identified fulfills the duties of pilgrimage reported.

mentioned earlier estimate of 500 thousand, while unofficial figures, the devil stoning Jamarat been established in the states of Prince Khalid bin recorded by 13 cameras,'' the unofficial figures reached 1 million 400 thousand, Despite the successful completion of a pilgrimage to the period of participation in a record number of ,'' he said.

Hajj about 10-day holiday period, which due to the expansion work outside the Haram Sharif will start again from the end of this week.

In the meantime, the new era 'Umrah season is expected to begin in the end of January 2013. after a period of general cleaning and Umrah pilgrimage every year, about 2.5 for the preparatory work month, the Holy Land was closed off to outsiders Umrah.

Date of Umrah in 2013 has been determined!" comments for.


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