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  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 15:31

Daum:"I Batalla'nın Completely Delete"

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Bursaspor coach Christoph Daum, at times, very well overcome the difficulties they expressed, completely delete Batalla'nın said.

Bursa news: Bursaspor coach Christoph Daum, at times, very well overcome the difficulties they expressed, completely delete Batalla'nın said.
Sports Toto Super League 16 during the week, which will be hosted in your own home Kayseri Erciyesspor in Bursaspor coach Daum, answered the questions of journalists.
with Bursaspor ways evently separates the Argentine footballer Batalla'nın completely erase stressed that Daum,"Self our area of ​​our concentration, Inegeul match as high as we have to keep. Kayseri Erciyesspor with Inegolspor between the only difference in quality there. these competitions very imprinted supposed to be. Our team put on top is going. Teams physical capacity in very good condition. Displaying a net positive progress. Kayseri Erciyesspor match to keep it, put it on top we have to,"he said.
"football players pushed the boundaries"
members of the press Trabzonspor after the match 'this staff, but these so happens,' the statement on reminding Daum,"when I came here some of the players Spor Toto Super League can not play even once. Here in the media it asked. these issues hut close with people spoke. Taiwo about the 'Bursaspor'da very difficult plays' statement was made. But until now in all competitions played. these footballers with our work was. I was also good. Shamil our friend before coming here, 'he certainly can not play' the statement said. But increasingly putting on now is fine taking the role. our young players in the same way progress has come. these footballers with our studies because our power to maximize tried to. receive more points we mentioned could be. Trabzonspor match, the more points you could buy. printing result highlights we could find. O direction difficulties in was. football my limits, forcing wanted them to. their best put forward. Limits forced. Futbolcularımız in this regard, dedicated and Passionately tried. past 6 weeks when we look at a very important our players were lost. these processes outside in the intense protests was. past 6 weeks we all do it in the positive direction be able to"he said.
"SOME MATCHES luck on our side nothing"
Daum, some competitions luck on their side that said,"Fenerbahce, Sivasspor match in Trabzon more than points off could. Our team utmost left and the maximum tried to remove. times difficult moments we lived. And they think it's good we came over. When we arrived here the team's physical condition was obvious. I think the team very well bring you to places we think. challenging moments do not wanna talk. lovely moments I want to talk. Positive a period when we enter the negative events do not wanna talk. It was so nice positive moments that. example, its our field when we play those beautiful atmosphere. Own In our area we have played for the match was very good. Recent cup match was good. I hereby incredibly good way was met. President and the government to work with us . They all show what this team is so great,"he said.
"I KNEW that with Galatasaray VIEWS"
assessing developments related transfer Serdar Aziz German coach Daum ,"Galatasaray spoke with knew what they were. us our team footballer, manager or another the club when meeting what extent connects us. Our goal is always the whole team with the best relationships need to be, I think. them out to dinner, I can talk. Galatasaray when we came from them footballers want to say that we are . course Galatasaray footballer does not give us what we want. would eat it then that's good,"he said.
members of the press Bursaspor in the inner field wins shortage footballers effect Upon being asked Daum,"Match to look back when we Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe and Akhisarspor match winner could have gone. infield when we look at a strong competitor against've played. this in mind should be taken. secondary circuit, this completely positive will come. internal field it will be strong. outfield our success in the last. Own our area actually forty-five minutes were. This atmosphere is very good, the fans their team support. For me, this is an amazing motivation. But overall it to other teams also can say. everyone in the paddock wants to win. this We want to do. O prints occurs, but this edition you also whip can. these professional environment required pressure. football against our negative pressure did not see. That's why the inner court pressure certainly do not agree"was the answer.
Daum, Pinto want to go about the claims, this issue once with Pino opinions about the future of manager that, should it decide itself Pinto added.

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