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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:23

Daum:"We talked in respect with Batalla"

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Bursaspor coach Christoph Daum, with Batalla within the framework of respect and love in the locker room talk, said:"Talent management has shown that we have made a statement after statement,"he said.

Bursaspor coach Christoph Daum, with Batalla within the framework of respect and love in the locker room talk, said:"Talent management has shown that we have made a statement after statement,"he said.
Bursaspor coach Christoph Daum, Ozluce at a press conference at the Batalla dealing with the problem descriptions found.
Bursaspor this decision in the Batalla'nın effect that expressed Daum,"another had no alternative. We think we work well together. Such a situation did not exist. My door is always open. Batalla in this case,"he said.
Bursaspor coach Christoph Daum Kazimpasa against the good fight, said:"These Elazig match if we do we will be successful I believe. Thereupon need to put. Belluschi this week, join us and with it a better understanding of the game we will have. Pinto a long hiatus then joined us and good had a solid game. Contact goal areas would contribute showed. bygone days footballers Among individual spoke and they told me Elazig match everything revealed, he said. always a difficult situation when you're in there to get out of there was a way. of vigorous talked about it and we tried . unity and togetherness in this event positively want to get out. For me football players in terms of belief in themselves and their team to trust with their fans and team trust,"he said.
"Our door Batalla'nın ON"
Daum, Batalla'nın his criticisms regarding a question asked in detail in did not want to, adding that"many things were discussed. football has shown to be expressed after our management disclosures made. Batalla, Bursaspor this decision forced the . else there was no alternative. every one have a problem is if it claims, its solution for should contribute. We absolutely every player and our Batalla'nın respectfully We welcomed. every time this respect we showed. Together, we work well we think. Such a situation did not exist. My My door is always open. these Batalla for the case. most important to me Bursaspor is the success. Who in this direction Bursasporu us to contribute messes I told her I open my door"I replied.
"BATALLA WITH I wanted to talk"
Batalla want to talk with stating Daum,"Sivas after the match in the locker room generally speaking have made. Later I then met with this and not found a solution. My door is always open. course, speaking the same language, if we difficulties can be. locker room speech in my English did. there translated a flaw. Or perceived differently events might be. But still to come might ask. Gross footballer to what I'm saying. From there, figure out something when you come and ask me. also with Pablo, I wished. Talks About This want to talk about but it was impossible,"he said.
"DRESSING ROOM deprived area is a"
Daum, a journalist's 'Batalla locker room with what was discussed,' the question, the locker room is special,"stressing Talent and technical committee bed. spoken there stays there. Just gotta tell you, respectfully talked. İdman related and general things we're talking. Sivasspor match after match my thoughts regarding said. that everyone saw and spoke to them, I . They are also very normal. well after the game that we play our kritiriz not normal. This is my job,"he replied.
"BATALLA said goodbye to me"
said goodbye to him Batalla'nın say goodbye to the question of whether Daum, he replied :"B The technical director during my course, I had some difficulties. But those things. Missing, staff can not get into the game from the players going. 'teacher you against me attitude there,' he says. Some the club is changing. within the family, problems can be. course, then sit discussed and a solution is made. Problematic events happened to me. But here's the event for the first time on my head came. Batalla said goodbye to me."
Batalla much about saying that expresses Daum,"I tell you much about it, something I can not say. For years here as coach did. Here a lot of players I've had. them, you can ask me this until then to whom contempt had. Errors've ever done me the error of my need to be told and I fault it on'll talk. I always along for the solution was ready. My task as a coach, we play errors and football criticizing to. behind this institution, thinking about doing my job. Bursaspor Club all of us. My task here Bursaspor is to serve. near our friends see us. This study our tactics able to convey am. Very good work eventually result are indexed. 15 points insufficient and we want to score themselves. That's why we kritiriz those who are right. We have to be better and that ways should work. I always clubs and supporters to take responsibility for'm ready. my character I left it and escape are not available. Such a great footballer place not easy to fill and replace him during the transfer window to fill is very difficult. us in the short term good results I need. Transfer period important and we have to take the right decisions"he explained.
"If I'm wrong Batalla'nın THIS NEEDS TO TELL"
a journalist, 'my conscience is clear on this subject Would you say that? to the question Daum,"First, I ask myself better, how I could do. Such a situation may prevent Did I or visible was I? Believe me, nothing stripped came. Such a thing would not have guessed. before each competition with Pablo short interview would do. you Batalla'nın whole in the matches played or experienced the process we make a mistake if I tell me this is needed.'s no such thing. I am 60 years old and in my life I saw things. But despite this I correctly'm not. But I'm wrong, he indicated to me that should be"was the answer.

Transfer period a lot of names later mentioned that Daum,"Signature thrown when the players could talk about. Transfer Our work rapidly progress. these positions for transfers did not think. Agreement was extended and Turkish citizenship have been made to it would. their team located in the situation how can we not think that we need to. Belluschi and Moses alternative considering the need to bring. then transfer our period what we can do we will look at. Batalla as a footballer could not find the time, maybe our system well to change need,"he said.
"SYSTEM PLAYERS WITH've found the solution"
first Eskisehirspor match Batalla between them and the describing Daum,"At that time the system comes was not. Eskisehirspor match, we talked. that game the game a bit more defensive play were supposed to. 4-1-4-1 shape. Pablo's on that system a bit more defensive duties would be. Himself to me, 'I'm in this position definitely defensive duties can not fill. reported footballers play' he said. I him, 'You matter to us are a football player,' I said. then with players have found the solution. One we played in the match with the system later games also went. Online any change happened,"he said.
"FOLKS IS READY working with the team will begin"
Ozan Ipek latest state also provide information about Daum, rehabilitation work is going well, said:"Talent our time pressure do not do. football we are ready with the team work will begin. I This second circuit develops. playing for a long time when there is the issue of match fitness. O process also needs to not ignore,"he said.

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