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  • 07 Ocak 2014, Salı 09:59

"Daussıl '"The Kokan Have Plenty In Pictures

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Konak Municipality painter Assoc.

İzmir news: Konak Municipality painter Assoc. Dr.. Mehmet Alagöz the 'Daussıl A' (Foreign longing) named country has hosted the exhibition.
Güzelyali makes the opening of the exhibition at the Cultural Center of Konak Mayor Dr. Hakan Tartan, pictures, much like stating,"Bolu and Seben the nature Mehmet Alagöz from the brush to watch exhilarating. Especially Seben District unique rock home draw their thanks exhibition toured everyone here will be notified. All photos longing smells. Himself in Izmir We are very happy to accommodate,"he said.
art in Germany between the years 1975-2009 Alagöz surviving, born in 2009 with homesick, returned to his hometown where he grew Department, worked Seben said, reflecting on the canvas. Since 1968, more than 35 solo exhibitions in Germany and Turkey Alagöz this first exhibition in Izmir. Literal in nature pictures doing that expresses painter Alagöz,"by the people rather than meeting'm very happy. Art so close to the mayor because you are you are very lucky,"he said.
2011 since Abant Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department as the Chairman Mehmet Alagöz, Also plenty Visual Arts Association (BGSD) holds the Presidency.

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