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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 14:07

Davutoglu from Bahceli:\"One-Party Period of Oppression is the humiliation of the Appropriation \"

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, the Haci Bektas Dersim remarks criticizing the MHP Chairman Devlet Bahceli , \"to adopt the single-party period persecution humiliation for you.

İstanbul news: You would most late Turke agony . Who massacres in Dersim , Turke of late , they stuck to tabutluk \"replied saying . Kılıçdaroğlu'na uploaded Davutoglu, \"Use Yenikap with the Marmaray between Üsküdar in Istanbul , which is then executed his gratefulness to us . But I know he only spoke in their neighborhood can not go to another neighborhood, \"he said .
\"Kılıçdaroğlu , BEFORE USE MARMARAY AFTER CONTACT WITH THANKS DEBT the IFA ET \"Photo prime minister , Ahmet Davutoglu, Aksaray-Yenikapı metro line, attended the ceremony organized on the occasion of the opening of . Davutoglu criticized his opposition parties in a speech at the ceremony, we are doing what the opposition see while in these efforts . Istanbullites this big moves while watching Kılıçdaroğlu his seat without saying that the'Asia and we talk with the Europeans from Turkey nervously they talk about'We never Kılıçdaroğlu's talking to Asian or Europeans . in fact talking to the mirror, talking to himself. Nations to speak to non-face, talking to himself . Istanbullites is there any doubts about the future of you I ask the country ? me Kılıçdaroğlu'na message. Kagithane Kağıttep lest mix though . use between Yenikap with Üsküdar in Istanbul Marmaray , which is then executed his gratefulness to us . But he only speaks in his neighborhood knows you can not go to another neighborhood. I visited our 11 city after becoming prime minister . We go everywhere in our country , no matter in what condition . Do you see them out of their environment , \"he said.
\" single-party period is humiliation for the MHP to own their oppression \"Photo Haci Bektas respondents also Bahceli criticized the remarks about the Dersim Davutoglu, \"yesterday's number after we addressed Garden annoyed and made ​​a statement . He asked me dileme apology . I say the number Bahceli here . Single-party period of the persecution is for you to own humiliation . If necessary, you go with the CHP , or you would most late Turke agony . Who massacres in Dersim in 1944 Turke in late May 3 , Nihal Atsiz of today, they put the most important names to form the MHP tabutluk ideological background. Then I give them the name she introduces the tabutluk aloC excavations . Mr. Garden Kazim aloC go and read the indictment. He says,'These are treason is fixed. We will not be entertained in any case, these traitors Pera Palas . Of course that will host the tabutluk . They are persecuted they are deserving'Oh you're building in the persecution of Dersim want a garden , whether performed in tabutluk to your pioneer , we are opposed to each of persecution , \"he said .
\" EY GARDEN, TÜRKEŞ'< strong> TEN apology NEEDS \"Photo opposition parties themselves in the case of someone claiming persecution quiet Davutoglu,\"Basically we left point here. If you ask Kılıçdaroğlu'na no problem if the Assad tyranny , there is the problem if the ISID . If you ask hdp'y'Let's go to if Kobani'yi to done , but they do leave is made to the Turks in Aleppo'We the passengers way Husseini , if you have a persecution anywhere in the world for owners of Muhammad the way of passengers and National consciousness we oppose it . Want to right-wing leftist who has committed atrocities in our country want , whether we oppose all of them asks the Turkish Kurds . We stand by our book is not cruel . Oh you should apologize to your garden mainly Turke . I'm sure he would hear what he said was the'single-party period, the MHP should not defend the persecution'he says. Exit with a period close Koran courses should not MHP . Go talk to it in Kayseri Konya. Say'Dersim CHP power which was true persecution'in Dersim Sayyed Reza executed while being taken to'We are the people of Karbala . Günahsızız . Pain obtain mercy'he says. Only one thing to want . His son will be executed. 17-year-old Hussein. Removed and taken to the death of your son's age to 21. Loose . Says'my son after me hang'But not listen . They hang himself after first son. Is not this cruelty. Who do you do if it's not worth it to go out to have the value of this land, \"he said .
\" WE ALBAYRAG GLOBAL CONSCIENCE the FLAG we have done \"Photo emphasizing the will to stand against oppression anywhere in the world Davutoglu, \"Turkey is not only referred to the value represented by this beloved motherland . Turkey is known all over the world with conscience of humanity . Somalis they met with their waving flags of this albayrag . They take walks in the Palestinian flag . O Garden, Kılıçdaroğlu, we we made the flag of the albayrag global conscience . We we have done to the country's global conscience of this country. \"Photo \"2023 UP TO ROAD our ILLUMINATE \"Davutoglu who want support in the 2015 elections, the citizens filled a Photo Ceremony field \"that we expect from you hopefully 20154 elections in Istanbul from it you get a lush sound that you echoed all over Turkey and'this country future's sole owner is the only nation saying'you have lighted our way until 2023, \"he said .
\" Al-Aqsa Mosque < strong> diminishing eACH sTONE our hands on our AGAIN tO BE a fortunate \"Photo Prime Minister Davutoglu, saving the last of initiatives from all over the world to Masjid al-Aqsa , \"Masjid-i diminishing each stone from Aksa , a column what if there will be revive us again with our hands . Falling upon us will do both at the UN and we will defend this case anywhere in the world \"found in the description .

Davutoglu from Bahceli:\"One-Party Period of Oppression is the humiliation of the Appropriation \"" comments for.


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