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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:47

Day at the beach in Marmaris Fertility

Day at the beach in Marmaris Fertility
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Public holiday the tourist district of Muğla Marmaris pass holidaymakers , beach created in the density .

Muğla news:
5-day festival of sacrifice holiday deals in Marmaris , knowing that thousands of domestic tourists fill the beaches of Marmaris was the first day of the feast . Foreign tourists as well as the beaches of domestic tourists by the inclusion density is experiencing.
Entering the sea for sunbathing public beach and Uzunyali to the beach of domestic and foreign tourists during the day, enjoy the sea lived.
Air temperature 26 , sea water and 20 degrees , as measured in Marmaris , blue day tour tourists attending had the opportunity to see idyllic coves . 3-4 and 5-star tourist resort in the district in the occupancy rate has reached one hundred percent . Hot air want to cool off some tourists , water sports preferences , while living in the city citizens in the day cafe and tea gardens doldurdu.baz citizens the children took the theme parks go to chose .
County Police Department citizens and the county for the holidays of tourists arriving peaceful a feast took every precaution to spend .

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