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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 09:59

Day Light Association, the Sudanese Muslims was light 7

Day Light Association, the Sudanese Muslims was light 7
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Since 2003, continued its activities in the district of Yozgat Daylight Yerköy Assistance and Solidarity Association, the cost of cataract surgery Muslim Sudanese 7 meeting was the occasion to see the world anew.

Daylight Association Chairman Bahattin Khan, associations help people who need help getting going all the time, he said. Khan,"In this context, part of the proceeds Kermess held in May, the Sudanese Muslim brothers 7 reserved for cataract surgery. Association for over 10 years we have signed many social and cultural events. This year, a portion of the revenue made after Kermes health, nutrition, and geographical As you're African brothers and sisters from the beginning of vision loss in the regions most purposes. brothers and sisters, to see the world clearly again Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), organized by 'Africa Cataract Campaign' fees under the operation sent to the foundation. However, due to differences in seasonal cataract surgeries Type happened."she said.

Sudanese health kavuşup seven Muslim Khan emphasized that they are extremely happy because of their seeing again,"I will heal the Co-Shafi name of Almighty God. But God's people are required to provide healing therapy application is necessary. healing our brothers and sisters in finding that, get a little bit of a contribution has been to see the world anew bliss it count. brothers and sisters to see pictures of post-operative re going to see quite happy let us know and former health has to be gained. kermesimizin this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the regulation is, I hope to contribute a little bit of our people in need of assistance kermesimizi traditional plan to make it."he spoke. Gün light Light Derneği, Sudanese Muslims oldu 7 Gün light Light Derneği, Sudanese Muslims oldu 7

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