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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Kasım 2014, Pazar 14:40

DBPs Hakkari Provincial Directorate of Ordinary Congress

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Democratic Party of Regions ( DBP ) was Hakkari Provincial Chairman of the Ordinary Congress.

Hakkari news: Photo DBP Hakkari Provincial Directorate of Ordinary Congress, Co-Chairman Kamuran DBP was held at a wedding hall with high participation . Peoples'Democratic Party ( HDP) Hakkari deputy Adil Zoz NEW with representatives of civil society organizations and a large number of citizens participated in the congress Kamuran High , made a speech in Kurdish and Turkish. High , \"the party's goals and objectives will be marked both from the public and Kurdistan the future of the people of Turkey. There are two main objectives of our party . First, democratic achieve nation-building , and the second is to establish general democracy . Previous day Kopani Day. Went to the streets because Kopani Day each citizens of our all our brother, in all peoples of the world Hakkari congress in solidarity greet you on behalf of the Hakkari people and express my gratitude . Yesterday a very important day . on Perhaps Kurdistan , to the city from all over the world Kurdistan , Kurdistan stood up for the people and showed their solidarity . Century along we have been denied as people. our language and our identity is not recognized. our name was removed from even the whole record was deleted . knows the deletion of a people's identity , but the Kurdish people , \"he said .
done after the annual report of the conversation and financial reports were read. It was passed after the elections will use 550 delegate votes.

DBPs Hakkari Provincial Directorate of Ordinary Congress" comments for.


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