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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 17:57

DBPs in Hakkari'Black Day'on HWBOT

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Hakkari Democratic Party of Regions ( DBP ) , Kobani'de due to the events of the Feast of Sacrifice Feast of land declared.

Hakkari news:
Party building held in the press release Hakkari Council Co-Chair Nurullah Farmer, DBP Provincial Co-Chair Moonlight Dastan Demir , HDPE Provincial Co-Chairman Rahmi Basic, Provincial General Assembly President Lokman Özdemir, DTK members Hatice Idem attended.
DBP City co-Chair Moonlight Dastan Iron , \"the Middle East, in particular Rojava recent days , events in our people deeply wounded . Hence this Eid black flags proclaim and celebrate that we are reporting . we in this land feast Kobani'nin and supporting the resistance in order to all our people Kobani'nin , Suruç go about the urge . today from Hakkari in the center of 4 locations booth will open . victims skins or sacrificed their forgiveness or sacrifice in exchange for money to give Kobani'de lives of our people get a little bit will assist . all of our people we want to support us , \"he said .
he stated that the victim is given in return for receipt of donations , call everyone to be sensitive to this issue , he said.

DBPs in Hakkari'Black Day'on HWBOT" comments for.


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