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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 11:04

Death Adana \"MOUNTS \"

Death Adana \
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Adana on 26 days in the murder , suicide, drowning and road traffic accidents in 37 people lost their lives.

Adana news: Adana on 26 days in the murder , suicide, drowning and road traffic accidents in 37 people lost their lives. Photo Adana incidents since October 1 in 37 people are killed and injured many people . The first event centers in Quarter of Seyhan district Yenibey occurred . Serres close to the family of the girl being beaten raided the house of Atasever family. Abdullah Atasever were killed in the clash , his wife Hanifa Atasever also a result of the bullets hit you in the eye and seriously injured died in hospital. Detained in connection with the incident Hilmi Serres was arrested. 1 day after this incident, the heart center of the township Virgo neighborhood children take fight to torpedo Street Cukurova families also mixed with 23 people injured. Injured persons to hospital and died in a person's life situation is heavy. Police incident 4 person taking into custody and transferred to the court. Photo Photo \"KOZAN'< strong> in two separate incidents in 4 PEOPLE KILLED \"center to Photo Island of these events were taking place in the orange groves in Kozan two bodies were found in a separate house. Which consists of a rifle shot party , if the other person was determined to have died by drinking poison. In this study, the person who poisoned the person who was killed with a shotgun as if it was determined that Fox Serkan Bozkurt volcano . Wolves killed by police in his research focuses on Fox later committed suicide . Too much time sergeant in the town of Kozan again before Solomon Sti. 15 days before her sister married Joseph alleged that her boyfriend was shot and killed by Eda Yasar Sahin pistol . After the event was delivered to go to the police sergeant . Photo Photo Political murders were committed Photo pretext began Meanwhile Kobani'yi street pirates are shown into the battle field . This show is in the heart of one of the central districts of the neighborhood due to Çamlıbel by then Colonel Ahmed son on the way home from the farewell to the last and one of the demonstrators who faces off \"Are you the ışid'c ?\"he opened fire screaming . Colonel gunfire father lost his life when his son was injured. Police are now trying to find the suspects . A last group of the Joseph Gülderen evening path from the movement of his wife automobile is the last day of Eid to return to his home with his family after he came to visit the feast was shot dead wrong in realizing the debate Gülderen rifle. Then I found Kadri distributor of Kurdish newspaper published Azadiya Welat and Agenda , one person died as a result of an armed attack with 5 bullets in the head . The Arabian plate as well as Yusuf was killed by gunfire from a car to a person who is laugh . Photo Photo LAWYERS AND WIFE brutally killed Photo October 23, 2014 from 155 days \"at home killed two people can kill me \"the lawyer Yuksel Pişkin phone (50 ) and his wife Nilay Pişkin (48) revealed that over 58 stabbed to death . Events related to the couple's youngest son , Ali Ihsan Pişkin (31 ) was detained and arrested but the Pişkin court , \"There is no evidence , no witnesses , no witnesses , you have me arrest , let alone shouted, I went to my mother's father's mezır \"but could not avoid being arrested. Police are still looking for a bloody knife for this event . Photo Photo The KILLER FATHER DID DRUGS In another incident a Photo browsing is unemployed, gambling and drug addict who is Jennifer Small (31 ) father, Mustafa Small (54) was killed . Father came home from the small gambling day of the murder and asked for money to buy drugs . But the father did not give a fight . Learn assaulted his mother and other siblings of small rifle shot from the father pulled his son . My father is a drug-and gambling-addicted son of the states that gave him a home money so far but is itself a kind of correction , he said , so kill him. Photo Photo MURDER simple reasons Photo experienced this murder among his friends as a matter of looking outside the event , carelessness , as well as four people died due to imprudence events . Some friends of his way to try shotgun as new take , some Eid al-Adha is some traffic Monster victims returning from a ride in the clash between friends because of drug sales died . Photo Photo SUICIDE FALLING , DROWNING, 20 UYUŞTURC aND tRAFFIC ACCIDENT vICTIMS Photo 26 of 17 people commit suicide a day when 20 people murdered , falling , drowning, drug and received traffic accident victims . Some gold shot through a mosque while defecating in recent years the torture he experienced the drug , due to some loneliness left a note to his wife and children, hanged himself. Some committed suicide by throwing herself in the lake. If a woman was found dead in the lake. With an old man falling from the balcony where the woman died out . Lots of people have been victims of road rage in 26 days . The 37 people who died in the events Photo 10 women . This suicide than women , while 4 and 2 were murdered . One of the women found dead in the lake that one traffic accident , died and 2 fell . Photo

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