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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:18

December 17 Case Concerning the Investigation

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Prosecuted within the scope of the investigation was started December 17 opened the trial of 21 persons .

İstanbul news: Request the removal of the file of evidence was denied the defendants'lawyers . Photo Istanbul 20 16 defendants were present at the trial lawyers and the parties in the Assize Court. Then president of the court and the identification began to read the indictment. Ahmet Yaman from the defendant's lawyers , they are aware of the indictment to the court president and the acquisition in terms of time , he said there was no need to read it again. President of the Court , other lawyers were reading is learned indictment agree. Photo December 17 corruption investigation in the case in the first hearing on lawyers in corruption investigation whether to prosecute other suspects criticized the prosecution to their clients. The care shown by the prosecutor to prosecute the suspects claiming to show clients their lawyers, \"there is no power behind the defendant that hewas sued here ?\"he asked. Lawyers, as well as in other decision not to prosecute was asked to be acquitted because the evidence is against the law of this file. The court denied the request for removal from the file of evidence. First Photo as a defendant in the trial lawyers , said they would declare the indictment and evidence. Lawyer Wisdom carbogen to , the indictment claimed that it lacks legal basis. Carbogen to , react to the two non-prosecution decision in the investigation , the care shown to prosecute the said show to this file for the accused . The Photo Attorney Euphrates Epözdemir , claiming that the file created by prosecutors with the police opened an investigation against them by parallel state structure , \"a parallel state structure of its proceedings relating to completion so we demand the cessation of this trial. If the case was made on December 17 to dismissal on appeal. we want to make this judgment after the appeal concluded , \"he said . the lawyer stated that there was no need to stop the Photo trial Ahmet Small , \"after that time, the indictment returned in not . the thing to do is to assess the evidence against the law. must be used according to the obtained evidence acquisition purpose . If you have evidence contrary to the law in the Out point is contrary to all law . do not hand in our evidence , \"he said. Photo Attorney zahed Şeyhanoğul of the evidence, arguing that it is unlawful , listening and asked to be removed from the file of monitoring. Photo prosecutor stating his opinion about the request, \"where the operation was conducted by the judge at the time the evidence obtained in accordance with legal regulations are in accordance with the law. Removed from the file of evidence immediately request the decision to reject the request to be acquitted , \"he said . Court who interrupted the trial for the evaluation of
request, on the grounds of evidence will be evaluated in the trial, denied the request for removal from the file of evidence. The trial continues with the defendants'defense.

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